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With over 25 years of experience of marketing, advertising and building websites, you will not encounter a marketing company with the background and insights offered by R6 Digital Our team of dedicated marketers are geared with the knowledge to create campaigns that will hit the target from day one. The R6 Digital team includes the best marketing minds in Australia, and are leaders in the field of web design and information technology.

Google AdWords

Search Advertising

Display Advertising


Product Advertising

Search Advertising appears on Google search pages as Text Advertising, and are normally above or below organic searches. The placement of your advertisement will depend on the Quality Score.

Using all the information available, your Search Advertising will target as many keywords that are relevant to your product, business or service, and they will in turn drive user traffic to your website or landing pages.

You can target as many keywords as you like, and you can indicate if you want them to be exact, or similar to the keywords. You can also add negative keywords, allowing you to discard searches that are not relevant.

Display Advertising allows you to add an image or logo with your advertisement. Display Advertising are ideal when using remarketing, and they are also effective in brand building and awareness campaigns.

Your Display Advertising allows you to show off your products, and give the web visitor a chance to see your product before they visit the website.

Display Advertising is a wonderful way to get your brand name recognized, and is very effective for remarketing purposes.

Re-marketing is the ability to communicate with people who visited your website.
Depending on which pages the person visited, you can send out targeted advertisements on the internet that will ‘follow’ the person as the surf the internet. You can program your re-marketed advertisements to remind customers that they still have items in their Shopping cart that they haven’t purchased, or if they looked at pricing, then you can send a unique promo code offering them a special discount.
If you load a Facebook Pixel, then you can re-market to people directly onto their Facebook pages.

Previously, your Online Advertising consisted of wide ranging marketing campaigns, offering products and services. This service is not available to all businesses and services yet, but will become a great way to sell online.

Our Marketing Services

Our team of dedicated marketers are geared with the knowledge to create campaigns that will hit the target from day 1.

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Pay Per Click

Google AdWords

Maximise your Business exposure, Reach target audience using tried and tested keywords and optimised strategy. We achieve results


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Increase your online visibility, and attract more customers. Unless you have an unlimited budget for Paid Advertising, you cannot beat the value provided by good SEO for your website.


Social Media Management

Enjoying a large Facebook or Twitter following can offer value in the long term, but takes a lot of time to get off the ground.

Pay Per Click

Social Media Marketing

There is a difference between having a Facebook Page, and using Facebook for Marketing purposes. Facebook Advertising can target almost anyone in the world, and they don’t need to Like or Follow your page.

Marketing & Media Support

At R6 Digital we see our clients as friends and family, and for that reason, we will do whatever we can to increase your profits, and to represent your business in the best light.

We are however a business too, and we offer a service that is highly technical and skilled; a service that will increase your profits and increase the value of your facility.
We will take care of the marketing side of your business, and keep your phone ringing with new leads every day, and all you have to do, is study the monthly report to see how our work is helping you along the way.
We have a team of dedicated experts studying your customer activity, optimising your message, and getting your message to the right people.

Why should I use R6 Digital?

R6 Digital specialises in designing and marketing business websites. As a full service agency, we complete the user and corporate experience by building an interactive website that links to your eCommerce platform, draws visitors from Online Advertising, and is optimised for online searches.

Our marketing team truly understand the ins-and-outs of modern business looking after the online platform for builders, property managers, storage facilities, motor racing teams & drivers and many other corporate entities.

Our knowledge, gives us power.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of gaining traffic to your website from organic (natural) search results on search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is similar to a normal post on Facebook, but because you are paying for the post, you have a few options. You can target people by their demographics, geographical location and interests.

In theory, you can target a group of people who’ve shown an interest in your business or product, who live within a reasonable radius of your business or outlets, and who’s ready to do business.

What do I get for my SEO Package?

Your SEO package will include a full website assessment, rewrite and optimisation. This includes fixing mistakes within the website’s design, increasing the website’s speed, and creating links to external destinations.

We will improve your websites organic reach, and grow the traffic and interest in your business.

We do long tail and short tail optimisation, allowing people to find you easily on Google or Bing.

What is Quality Score?

Your Quality Score is the point system devised by Google to see where they should place your Google Ads. The better the score, the better the placing, and lower the price you pay per click.

We do long tail and short tail optimisation, allowing people to find you easily on Google or Bing.

Will my company get to number 1 on Google Rankings?

Yes, and No, we work to get your website ranking number 1 on Google for as many search terms as possible. So to say yes is easy, we can get any website to number 1.

Our mission goes beyond the number 1 position, we want to keep you there, and increase the search options, so that your website ranks on the first page for all potential search terms.

Why do I need SEO if R6 Digital created my website?

We design and build websites that are optimised and ready to go.

SEO is not a once off thing, and Google re-ranks websites on a weekly basis. Websites that are regularly updated, well marketed and filled with fresh and unique content will always move to the top.

So if your competitor is writing Blog articles, advertising on Google AdWords and keeping their website fresh; then chances are that they will rank highest, and get more customers.