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With 95% of internet users never scrolling past the first page of organic search results, using an SEO service to get your website ranking in the top positions of Google is more important than ever. You want your SEO agency to create an SEO strategy that is designed to not only boost your website to the top search engine positions but to keep you there. It is also critical that your agency knows how to convert the visitors you get into quality sales leads for your business.

Our approach to winning in Search Engine Optimisation

At R6 Digital we take a data and insight lead approach to developing SEO strategy. We also consider both the best short term gains and the longer tail strategies that will set you up for ongoing success in Google Search.

How we do what we do:

  • Listen – we start by seeking to understand your business. We want to know your objectives, your products, your USPs (unique sales propositions) and importantly your ideal cost of acquisition for a customer to ensure you are profitable.
  • Research – we them do research to find the best keywords to target and to assess your competitors to understand where the greatest opportunity exists and to see how your strategy needs to be structured to win against your competitors.
  • Quick Wins – There are often quick wins to be gained from optimising your existing website from both a content and technical back end perspective. These can often give quick gains and form a strong foundation to build from.
  • Google My Business (GMB) & Maps Strategy – Great results can be achieved without customers hitting your website with a well-ranked Google My Business Listing. We employ specific Google My Business and Google Maps Search Engine Optimisation strategies to leverage this valuable traffic.
  • Content Strategy – From our research we develop a content strategy for your on-site content building (eg: blog content, page content etc) and make sure that we are publishing the right content to show Google that you are an authority in your field. This forms part of the ongoing long tail strategy.
  • Link Profile Strategy – We will develop a highly authoritative backlink profile over time through the curation of quality backlink acquisition, showing Google that others also see you as an authority.
  • Pivot Where Needed – Google regularly changes their algorithm for search and our team of Search Engine Optimisation experts keep their fingers on the pulse to ensure that as the landscape shifts that we react straight away to keep ahead of the competition.

There are a lot of SEO agencies that will only deliver an on-page content strategy to try to win in search and this simply won’t get you the results that you need. Only an advanced SEO Agency can deliver both the content and technical elements needed to rank will get you to the best ranking that your website can possibly achieve.

As a leading Google SEO company in Brisbane, we are dominating rankings for our clients month in, month out and we’re certain we can build your company and grow your audience. Contact us for a free SEO quote that will get results.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (Also known as SEO)?

In essence, SEO (or local SEO services) is about ranking your business for certain keywords in Google. This can be done for broad searches or even for location specific searches eg: “Brisbane SEO companies” or “SEO agencies near me”. SEO strategies are implemented to rank your website on Google (or other search engines like Bing) for your products or service so that people can find your website. It brings real people, relevant search traffic and people already ready to buy your products/services to your website.

Our Organic Search Expertise

We specialise in Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

SEO Keyword Targeting

Our experienced Brisbane based SEO specialists research your business (whether you are a large business or SME) and conduct a thorough keyword research report ensuring we target the right keywords to bring in relevant searches to your website and drum up real business results. SEO Keyword Research is an important phase of your digital marketing campaign. Our digital marketing agency doesn’t just want to boost your ranks for just any term, we want your SEO campaign to boost your website’s ranks onto the first page of Google for highly relevant keywords with high search volumes that have a high chance of converting. We want to create real, accurate and relevant leads for your business.

As a Brisbane SEO company, we work with business owners to get their website to the very top of the first page of major search engines (such as Google) for your core keywords, but your SEO campaign does not stop there. Our SEO works to not only achieve those higher ranks, but to maintain the positions while there and increase on-site conversions with SEO website optimisations.

With a proper digital marketing SEO strategy in place from our SEO agency, your SEO rankings will explode and your organic traffic can hit new heights with first page Google rankings.

As part of your SEO strategy, our SEO Brisbane specialists write keyword-targeted and engaging content that increases your website’s visibility to potential customers by increasing your ranks in major search engines. Our SEO content writers keep up to date with the latest Google and SEO trends, implementing tactics, content and SEO strategies favoured by Google to enhance your online presence, organic traffic and SEO results.

As well as engaging content, our Brisbane based team of SEO experts specialise in technical SEO, which includes link building and link outreach, building your website’s overall domain authority and website optimisations to build and maintain high positioned search engine ranks. With a combination of long term, quality links, while navigating the ever-changing Google algorithm search results, your SEO campaign will yield real results. To grow your business, we understand that your SEO strategy and entire SEO campaign needs not only quality links but local links such a Brisbane links for a Brisbane business.

Within 12 months, while doing Brisbane local SEO & having your business located in Brisbane – 90% of the time R6 Digital can establish not only page 1 ranks but position 1 rankings with real organic search traffic. SEO Companies in Brisbane often battle against larger marketing agency resources, however with our extremely detailed SEO strategies, coupled with best SEO team in Brisbane, our SEO company is repeatedly able to get great SEO results month in, month out.

Dedicated SEO campaign account manager

As one of Brisbane’s leading SEO agencies, we keep you updated every step of the way with your very own dedicated SEO account manager. Your SEO account manager is here to answer any questions you may have about our SEO services, search engines, and your campaigns strategy and progress.

It is worth noting that we have our team of SEO experts located in Brisbane. This includes our marketers, account managers and technical team members. We do this to ensure quality, relevant and locally informed content and strategy. We don’t just Account Manage in Brisbane and then offshore all the work like many other agencies in Brisbane.

When starting your SEO campaign, we do a full on-site audit of your website and share the results with you. After this SEO report is finalised, we create an SEO strategy that fits in with your budget and website and will get you real results. Everything is sent to you for approval before we make website changes so you are aware of everything happening with your SEO campaign. From updating your Google My Business (GMB) listing, implementing content changes and keywords targeting and technical SEO checklists, we let you know our digital marketing plan.

Unlike a lot of other SEO agencies, once we have hit our initial SEO target, we don’t stop there. We continue to bring in more results for your business. We research new keywords to target, create new website pages and implement new tactics to increase your website views in Google and get more and more results. Having initiative with our google and digital campaigns is something we pride ourselves on.

Honestly, Does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Work?

We’re very happy to go where no Brisbane SEO Agency has gone before. We can guarantee results. It’s a bold claim, but we’ve now done it for literally hundreds of businesses and for over 10 years. As a premium Brisbane SEO company, our SEO results speak for themselves. Our SEO techniques, custom SEO strategies and specialised knowledge of both content and technical SEO work hand in hand to put your website on the map and bring in real business. We don’t just measure our SEO success by organic traffic and Google rank movements, we look at your leads/sales and measure our success by your marketing ROI.

Our SEO agency has worked with hundreds of businesses and we are used to hearing horror stories from cookie cutter firms that waste budget, don’t divulge critical information to the client or don’t even accurately track SEO results. This is why we make sure our SEO online marketing services are completely transparent. With your own dedicated SEO account manager, you are kept updated through the entirety of your Brisbane SEO campaign.

Our SEO techniques and SEO strategies involve an agile methodology, making regular small micro changes to your marketing campaign and at each change, analysis, constantly testing your Brisbane SEO campaign to get your website on the first page of google and right at the top.

So yes, when it comes to SEO companies in Brisbane, we’ve taken a top position because of our approach, understanding and realistic budgets that achieve real business and real results for your large or small business.

We don’t pitch you Brisbane SEO for your website because we think other digital marketing services suck, and we don’t pitch you SEO because it’s the only online marketing services we offer; we provide the best SEO services because we know it works. It puts your website on the first page of Google, brings in relevant and organic traffic to your website and brings in product sales, enquiries and real results for your business. Get started today with a digital marketing, web design or website optimisation consultation from R6 Digital. Get a quote or contact us now.

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