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30 Years of Storage Excellence

Marking three decades of continuous innovation, partnership, and leadership, R6 Digital has grown from humble beginnings to become a premier provider of tailored digital solutions for storage facilities globally.

What We Offer
At R6 Digital, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive suite of digital services in the market, tailored specifically for your storage business. From website development to strategic marketing and beyond, our expertise in identifying unique market needs ensures targeted solutions that drive success. Explore our full range of services to discover how we can transform your online presence.
Web Development

Bespoke, user-friendly storage websites that not only well-designed and functional, but also drive bookings and boost facility occupancy.


Targeted marketing and branding strategies that embody the essence of your storage business, ensuring a strong and memorable online presence.

Google Ads & SEO

Maximise visibility and growth for storage businesses with tailored Google Ads and SEO strategies that drive move-ins.

Journey Optimisation

Optimise the customer journey to enhance engagement and conversions. Ensure a seamless digital experience for all who encounter your brand.

Specialised Software

Specialised software tailored for storage businesses, to streamline operations and elevate customer interactions with innovative technological solutions.

Custom Websites

Our approach to website development focuses on creating bespoke, intuitive websites specifically designed for the storage industry. These sites are not just visually appealing but are strategically developed to increase bookings and enhance facility occupancy. By leveraging cutting-edge design and functionality, we ensure your online presence is powerful and effective.

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Your Online Identity

Our marketing and branding strategy service is meticulously crafted to highlight what makes you stand out as a storage business. We develop comprehensive plans that strengthen your online presence, ensuring it is both strong and unforgettable. Through targeted efforts, we align your brand’s identity with its online activities, fostering recognition and loyalty among your customers.

Data for Growth

We specialise in elevating storage businesses through customised Google Ads and SEO strategies designed to maximise visibility and foster growth. By focusing on driving engagement and retaining customers, our tailored approaches ensure your brand stands out in the digital landscape, attracting more leads and converting them into loyal clients.

The Path to Purchase

Leveraging our deep understanding of the self-storage customer journey, R6 Digital crafts strategies that simplify and enhance the entire process. By addressing common pain points and streamlining interactions, we make engaging with your brand an attractive, hassle-free experience for potential customers, ultimately easing their path to choosing your services.

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