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StoreLocal: Elevating the Customer Experience

A Story of Strategic Innovation and Enhanced Communication

The Project

Revitalising the self-storage facility, StoreLocal, involved a complete strategic overhaul, focusing on creating a community-centred brand. We achieved this through a cohesive approach encompassing website redesign, social media engagement, targeted advertising, and in-store experience enhancements, all while streamlining their digital and automation systems.


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Brand Identity

Following a series of insightful focus groups, our team identified key customer needs pivotal to StoreLocal future improvement. In response, we initiated a comprehensive brand overhaul. This involved crafting a refreshed brand identity and content strategy that not only aligns with, but also vividly communicates, StoreLocal’s refined goals and values to their customers and the broader market. Our approach was meticulous, ensuring that every aspect of StoreLocal’s brand resonated with clarity, purpose, and customer-centricity.

A transformation extended beyond mere aesthetics: fundamentally altering the perception of what a storage brand can represent. A brand experience that not only evokes positive emotions but also demonstrates active support and engagement within the community.

Website Design & Development

Striking Simplicity, Extreme Functionality

Before our intervention, StoreLocal’s visual marketing lacked distinction, closely resembling the conventional style typical of the storage industry. Our transformation introduced a ‘customer-first’ visual strategy, spotlighting a signature blue and crafting a narrative that is both engaging and instantly recognisable.

This approach didn’t just redesign a website; it reinvented how StoreLocal connects with its audience, offering an immersive, story-driven experience while maintaining user-friendly navigation and functionality.


Our entire team helped spearhead the design and implementation of a bespoke self-service kiosk for StoreLocal. This cutting-edge project encompassed not only the development of specialised software but also the careful selection and integration of the hardware, showcasing our commitment to holistic and innovative solutions. This has also helped bring StoreLocal closer to the opportunity to be able to run an unmanned facility.

Social Media Marketing

Armed with valuable insights from R6 run focus groups, we crafted targeted initiatives that directly addressed the needs of StoreLocal’s customers. This strategy was a part of a comprehensive brand refresh, encompassing content creation and messaging that aligned StoreLocal’s communication with its customers and the broader market. Our approach was not just about refreshing the brand but also about defining and communicating a clear, specific set of goals and values, ensuring every social media interaction resonates with StoreLocal’s audience and reinforces their brand identity.

Web Application

To deliver on the intuitive new website experience in it’s entirety required a redesign of the RapidStor online booking platform.  This new platform delivers a unique experience, optimised for mobile, tablet and web.  With this application customers can have a seamless and consistent experience all the way through booking a unit to moving in and beyond.

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