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Fresh relaunch for Family Clean

From humble beginnings Family Clean started with a small cleaning run in 1994 and grew naturally, evolving into a premium cleaning services agency. They hand-match customers with their ideal cleaners to provide dependable regular help – making everyday a little easier.

The Project


The goals of this project were to: – Refresh and update the Family Clean website – Optimise the overall customer journey – Develop an intuitive online booking platform – Deliver marketing that drives leads and conversions through SEO and Google Ads. To deliver on this project it required input from all of the 3 capability areas across R6 Digital (Creative, Dev & Marketing).


  • User Personas & Research
  • UI/ UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • API & System Integrations
  • Digital Strategy
  • AdWords
  • SEO
  • Remarketing

Website Design & Development

A streamlined service from booking to completion

When approaching this project our main consideration was the user and customer journey. Not only did we create a streamlined booking process but we wanted to maintain the welcoming experience that Family Clean is known for. By using beautiful imagery, videography and animation we were able to embody the family clean identity and take the user on an interactive journey.

Building a custom booking portal, we used Family Clean’s conversational tone-of-voice to take the user through an informative and personalised booking experience.

Solving the revolving door of cleaners

Custom API & System Integration

Customising and upgrading

R6’s development team implemented a new membership booking portal with online payments, custom email templates, and geolocation services – configurable through an administration interface.

The development team dug deep to identify and rectify many underlying issues with the existing codebase. Fixing these improved the speed, reliability and user experience for customers.

Website Insights & Stats

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Dynamic Animations

Custom built website features

Adding dynamic features throughout the site, including a custom mouse design and suite of animations, we were able to bring Family Clean’s brand identity further into the overall design.

Having a beautiful gallery of imagery and videography at hand, we were able to really highlight the beautiful nature of this business and the people behind it.

Social Media Marketing

R6 Digital’s paid social media marketing strategy for Family Clean focussed on highlighting the problems that they solve for their customers.

Messaging around ending the revolving door of cleaners or focus on quality of service resonate with their target customers and cut through the cluttered noise of social media channels.

This delivered an important lead source of people who are not actively looking for a new long term cleaner but will genuinely benefit from Family Clean’s amazing service.

The Google Ads strategy for Family Clean was as much about who we don’t advertise to as it was who we do. With the clearly defined product and value proposition that FC has it enables a more strategic approach to their Google Ads strategy.

By tailoring the campaign to perform well for people looking for longer term cleaners we were able to get a greater share of that specific market and reduce wasted spend on keywords that didn’t align with the FC value proposition.

This strong focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) means that this strategy is sustainable and scalable as FC continues to grow.

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