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An integrated strategy for CHC

CHC is a higher education provider focused on developing graduates who shine in their professions, inspire others and impact their communities.

The Project


R6 Digital designed an integrated marketing approach for CHC, focused on an engaging and emotive brand story to help prospective students understand the positive impact CHC has on the lives of its graduates.


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • AdWords
  • SEO
  • Remarketing

Brand Identity


CHC’s strong foundations in faith called for a values-based approach to brand design and identity. Focusing on core elements of CHC including community, innovation, performance and perspective, the R6 Digital creative team drew inspiration from college environments to engage young students. A strong colour palette paired with tonal imagery that heroes current students creates a bold identity for a modern education brand.


Creating a new online identity.

Web Design


Understanding CHC’s target market was key to developing an engaging, responsive website to showcase CHC’s education offerings. Led by insights from market research and user journey mapping, R6 Digital created a digital platform for CHC that showcased the college experience and helped prospective students see a future full of opportunity.

Website Insights & Stats

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Mobile In Focus

Unique Mobile Experience

Creating a superior mobile experience was central to the digital approach for CHC given the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices. Engaging and relevant content surfaced beautifully on mobile has been key to driving growth for CHC.


R6 Digital undertook a comprehensive marketing audit and delivered a suite of recommendations to CHC, including a rebranding and repositioning strategy to better align the CHC brand with its ambitions. Taking an integrated approach, R6 Digital developed a marketing roadmap with a focus on engagement, emotive storytelling and in-depth audience testing, pairing offline and online marketing efforts.

Digital Strategy

Taking a cross-channel approach for CHC has helped combat high competition in the tertiary education sector. Focusing on highly targeted social media campaigns, remarketing and search engine optimisation efforts has delivered growth in awareness and enrolments for CHC.

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