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Increase your leads with results driven campaigns

Googe Ads campaigns that drive real results

If you need quick results, then Google Ads management is the service & solution for you. Our experienced Google Ads marketing team get to know your business, your consumers and your competitors, creating and maintaining a unique and highly optimised Google Ads campaign that brings you the right people who are ready to buy to your website.

With R6 Digital Google Ads Management you will get:

  • Free optimised landing page to boost conversion rate and quality score
  • Dedicated Account Manager and support focusing on return on investment
  • Complete Google (or Bing) Ads management
  • 24/7 access to detailed reporting
  • No lock-in contracts, so we always have skin in the game
  • Ads that reach a large audience of qualified leads
  • Increased traffic and get your phone ringing more from leads generated through your Google Ads campaigns
  • Access to some of the best Google Ads experts in the business who can work with businesses of any size

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an online marketing platform developed by Google, where you can pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings and video content to users.

What makes Google Ads a fantastic marketing channel is that it is ‘intent driven’, which means that the customers that you target here are already showing buying signals, making them ideal potential leads for your business.

Our Pay Per Click Expertise

We specialise in Google Ads Management

At R6 Digital we don’t keep our clients in the dark. Our team is a local Brisbane based team and as our Google Ads customer, you will receive your very own dedicated Account Manager who works with you to ensure you are kept updated on your pay-per-click campaign’s progress every step of the way.

We focus on understanding your business and especially how we can ensure that your Google Ads campaigns deliver a strong ROAS (return on ad spend).

From the initial strategy and set-up process to ongoing digital marketing campaign management, conversion rate optimization and detailed reports on our custom reporting platform, you will know what is happening with your Google Ads campaign every step of the way.

A Google Ads campaign is not complete without a custom landing page optimised to convert traffic to sales opportunities. We don’t just want people clicking your Google Ads, we want them converting when they get there!

Our creative teams, web developers and google ads optimisation specialists work hand in hand to create a custom web page that increases your Google quality score, cuts down your Google Ads costs and increases enquiries.

As the majority of internet users now use mobile devices as their primary viewing platform, all of our Google Ads landing pages are mobile responsive, ensuring your potential customers hit a responsive and well designed web page no matter what platform they are viewing it on.

Complete Google Ads Management with no lock in contracts

Our Google Ads campaign management takes the stress out of pay per click digital marketing. We track what’s important to you, whether that’s actual purchases through Google Shopping and shopify websites or phone calls and emails enquiring about your business’ services, we ensure you will get the most of your Google Ads campaign.

We make sure that our strategy is aligned with you business’ goals and leverage our thousands of hours of online marketing experience, industry data and research to ensure we hit the ground running.

Our team of Google Ads experts generate millions of dollars per year in revenue for our clients and have extensive practical experience to know what works and what doesn’t across a wide variety of industries.

We don’t just follow the pack when it comes to Google Ads, if something isn’t working perfectly we innovate and use advanced marketing strategies to ensure we make the most of your pay per click campaign budget.

There is a lot more to running a Google Ads campaign than just outbidding your competitors, and getting your Google ads to show in the first position of Google Search. We optimise and refine our campaigns based on real industry data to ensure real results from your pay per click marketing campaign. By doing this we not only deliver you leads but we do it in a cost efficient manner so that you can maximise the return you make on your advertising spend.

Our Google Ads campaigns will make sure that you appear at the top of Google search for the customers that are most likely to convert for your business. In many campaigns strong return on investment is achieved as much from who you don’t advertise to as who you do – and we have the experience and expertise to target effectively to make this happen.

None of the BS, all of the ROAS (return on ad spend)

At R6 Digital we don’t just use Google Ads data to prove our results, we use your business’ closed Google Ads leads as a marker of success and real results. We do this by using advanced tracking and analytics techniques as well as advanced integrations which give us deep visibility into results and return. We then also use this deep data insight to train and optimise the campaigns, further enhancing your results.

Our dedicated Brisbane based Account Managers, working alongside our skilled technical team (also in Brisbane), ensure quality control over your Google Ads campaigns. We make sure that the leads coming through are of good quality and are able to be converted into real sales. If you’re struggling to convert these Google Ads leads, we will help your business pinpoint exactly why, and will offer solutions based on industry knowledge.

Our Account Managers are incredibly passionate about what they do and strive to not just bring in leads, but to see your business grow as much as possible. From the creative side of your campaigns to data, insights and search results we create Google Ads campaigns that really put your business on the map.

Whether you are after standard Google Ads management, Google shopping ads, Youtube advertising, in-depth multi-campaign or multi-channel ads, or want to talk to some online marketing industry experts about Google Ads, call one of our friendly team members and organise a free consultation. We can help you with anything to do with digital marketing including Google Ads, pay per click advertising in general, Social Media management, Organic Google search optimisation and more.

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