Jul 05

Unconventional Pathways: R6 Digital Inspires Brisbane’s Brightest

A night of networking, tunes, and insights shared from R6’s creative leaders to Brisbane’s brightest designers and creatives.

Earlier this week, emerging designers and creatives gathered in the vibrant new office space of R6 Digital. The event was in collaboration with The Design Kids – a global organisation aimed at connecting and inspiring creatives. Guests were welcomed with sponsored beverages from Range Brewing upon arrival, accompanied by the electronic tunes of resident DJ Shorty, also known as R6’s content creator by day. After kicking off with mingling, a panel discussion followed with Chief Design Officer Jake Hart and Creative Team Lead Joel Harris. They shared their unique career journeys and insights into R6 Digital’s innovative culture.

Joel’s career started humbly at his father’s print production business where he climbed the ranks to senior designer. Concurrently, Joel pursued multiple design courses and freelanced, eventually founding The Good Studio, a successful venture he co-ran for five years. His desire to return to working more ‘on the tools’ led him to R6 Digital, where he has ascended to Creative Team Lead. Jake, born into a family of distinguished artists, felt early pressure to be creative. Though not the best drawer, Jake found his passion in design. After studying a fast-tracked course at Shillington, he freelanced across Brisbane agencies. He eventually stumbled upon a job advertisement at Centreforce Technology (now R6) as a designer primarily working on self-storage websites. Empowered by a tight-knit team and the mentorship of CEO Mike Dogger, Jake built up the design department to its current stature.

The panel discussion centred around ‘Unconventional Pathways’ and the benefits they can have on one’s approach, performance, and differentiation among peers. This theme resonates deeply with emerging designers navigating their careers amid shared uncertainties and angst. Jake and Joel, despite receiving only a few days’ notice, deserve praise for generously sharing their unique insights while sprinkling in some delightful banter.

Insights on Pathways:

  • You don’t have to follow a conventional pathway to succeed.
  • Your unique pathway gives you a unique perspective.
  • Both Joel and Jake have had roles where it was ‘sink or swim’. The lack of resources and knowledge at their disposal forced them to be innovative and become problem solvers, which are incredibly valuable skills to any employee.

“If you haven’t had any challenges in the last week, you probably need to get a new job.” – Joel Harris


Insights on Culture:

  • Creating an environment of great people is the number one priority at R6 before work. This mission has significantly contributed to R6’s success.
  • Opinions are respected, and controversial topics are frequently discussed. People must have an open mind and exchange perspectives. R6 champions uniqueness, which consequently improves work outcomes.
  • A purposeful and thorough interview process is essential to protecting the great culture R6 has. Usually, there are two interviews: one focusing on technical skills and the other purely a ‘get to know the person’ interview.

The event concluded with more mingling, allowing attendees to connect with Jake, Joel, and other R6 team members. The overwhelmingly positive feedback has inspired R6 to host future events encompassing all specialties within the company and engaging broader communities. R6 would like to thank Niall (the Brisbane host of TDK), the creative team, and everyone who came to the event. Such gatherings underscore R6’s commitment to professional growth and community involvement. 

Follow your own unconventional journey and see you at the next R6 event.


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