When it comes to website design in Loganholme, R6 Digital is one of the most experienced agencies. We’ve been creating professional and functional websites for almost 20 years. Over this time we’ve seen some terribly designed websites with poor usability. If you’re looking to learn from a website design agency with almost two decades of experience, we’ve created this list of website design essentials to help you out!

Website design essentials

There are a few aspects of website design that are important across all websites, regardless of its purpose or industry. Here are some of aspects that our Loganholme website design professionals think are absolutely essential.

Make navigation easy

Navigating through the website needs to be as easy and simple for users as possible. The navigation system is how users interact with the website, so good navigation is crucial for ensuring users can find what they need. The top-level navigation bar should have minimal links, with sub-navigation menus for the extra content. The labels used in menus need to be familiar and clear as well.

Consistency is key

It’s important that a website is consistent. Things like the brand name and logo, the typeface, the colour scheme, the navigation bar, or the way the buttons and links function should be consistent across the entire website. Of course, consistency isn’t everything; if a website is poorly designed but the focus is put on consistency, the website will be consistently poor.

Enhance ability to scan website

Users don’t want to have to read the text on your website closely from top to bottom in order to find what they’re looking for. Websites need to be easy to scan. In order to do this, create a visual hierarchy with different headings and utilise relevant images. Designers should also avoid creating massive walls of text.

Loganholme website designers also need to make sure they create a visual emphasis on the areas they want the user to click. For example, call to action buttons should be a visual focal point of the webpage so users can easily find them.

Utilise a copywriter

The majority of the information will be presented on your website in written format, so it’s important you utilise a professional copywriter. Users don’t want to spend time reading poorly written content with bad grammar and punctuation. The design could be incredible, but poor content means users won’t care.

All of the website copy created at Loganholme website design agency R6 Digital is created by professional copywriters and SEO specialists. Website content needs to avoid jargon and be simple and easy to understand while still providing readers with all the information they want and need.

Ensure form highlights function

Users expect certain functions from certain designs in a website. For example, text enclosed in a coloured box usually functions as a button. It’s important your website meets the expectations of your users; items that look like buttons should be buttons. If an element isn’t a button, it shouldn’t be designed to appear like a button. Any part of the design that looks like it could be clickable should be clickable.

Responsive websites

Website designs are usually created for desktop computers. However, we all use mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to search the web. Because of this, it’s important you design your websites to be responsive so they’re still functional and visually appealing no matter the size of the screen.

Check for errors

Before a new website is made live, it’s important you thoroughly check it for errors. This includes checking over the content for typos and grammatical mistakes. It also involveschecking that all the links work and the content loads properly.

No matter what kind of website you’re creating, these essentials are crucial for effective and visually appealing website design. R6 Digital specialises in website design in Loganholme for Self Storage facilities, motorsport organisations, and other businesses. If you need help creating a professional website for your brand, contact our team of design experts today!