With the explosion of smartphones, one could be forgiven that a phone is all you need to take photos for your website.

Here are our top 5 reasons why professional images compliment your website.

  1. Phone camera images are not always sharp. Whilst you can download apps to control exposure, most picture takers use the standard settings in the camera. This can lead to phone shake and images that are not sharp. Professional images must be sharp.
  2. The images can be small to manipulate. Camera phones may have a relatively high resolution but the images themselves are optimised for storage. The images are designed to be viewed on a phone and don’t translate to high-quality large size images.
  3. Image consistency. When professional images are used for websites they are sized and colour graded from RAW images. A consistent gamut can be applied to each image, delivering polish to the finished result.
  4. Selective Focus. Photographers call this depth of field. This technique is used by professionals to highlight a specific part of an image. Used commercially, it can make a product stand out from the background.
  5. Are the images backed up? If they are on a phone, they can be easily lost. Professional photographers backup images.

The above issues highlight the fact that whilst phone cameras take photos, they are not the ideal tool for professional images for websites nor anything else for that matter.

Selective focus highlights the skill of driving

Professional images also start with the photographer. Professionals have the required equipment to deliver consistent commercial grade images suitable for your website. Professional images extend to more than just consistency and sharpness and technical proficiency.

With more than 60% of people using tablet devices and over a billion of them in use, the impact of out of focus, poorly crafted photos on websites is accentuated.

Professional composition and Standards

Professional Photographers in Australia are recognised by a post-nominal qualification APP. Accredited Professional photographer. These photographers meet strict guidelines as set down by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). This is your symbol of quality and professionalism.AIPP

Your website is the window to your business. How your business is portrayed on your website is a reflection of the values and professionalism of your own business. Stunning images really stand out, setting your business apart.

Make no mistake, not everyone can take photographs suitable for professional presentation of goods or services. Well-meaning friends who have cameras may be able to help out; professional photographers understand the brief, use the highest quality equipment and materials, are insured and more importantly, have the skill to interpret the brief for the job.

Photography at R6 Digital™  is led by Dallas Dogger APP who has 40 years of commercial photographic experience. His team can photograph your business and show it in the best light with standout images to make your website be that one step better than your amateur competitors.

Ask us for details about professional images for your business.