If you are like us, getting hit with countless emails about “What we are doing about COVID-19”, you are probably as switched off as we are. At R6 Digital we help brands dominate their markets, but every now and then you have to communicate basics. Here is our list of Free communication basics, designed to help you get your message out with essential cut through.

1. Bad News needs to travel fast

We won’t sugar coat this. If you have bad news for a customer or customers, tell it how it is. Describe the issue and explain it clearly. Do not add anything to this message that is not necessary. Get the bad news out as fast as possible as it helps prevent uncertainty from both parties.

2. Don’t cut and paste others’ work.

Using the text of other businesses’ work is lazy. Come up with your own message. You might even inadvertently lead a potential customer to a competitor if they search your message. Be original. Over the last week or so we have seen the same message word for word. We get it, you are ‘Acting in the best interests of staff and customers. We expect you would and so do your customers.

3. Send clear messages and avoid confusion

When a message is sent out, it needs to fulfil a number of objectives. Firstly it has to deliver a core message.

As an example. “We are closed”. We have received plenty of these (with little or no detail) messages over the last two weeks. Without additional information, as a reader or as a customer, it’s not evident if you can even be contacted.

Here is a better way to say we are closed.
“Due to XYZ we are currently closed. Our website remains accessible 24/7 and you can still transact with us online. We will answer calls, enquiries and emails. We will advise about our reopening as soon as we know”.

4. Don’t bite on Social media

It’s time like this that our patience is tested and many will turn to social media to give you a spray over what they perceive as shortcomings. Resist any temptation to engage in a gunfight on social media. There often is only one loser. You.

Ask them to contact you directly. If you can make contact directly then do so and work to solve the issue. A final post might look like. After we talked together we have been able to resolve the issue raised. End the post on a positive note with you having the last say.

5. Update your website with your latest changes.

If you have a close down temporarily or have a supply issue or any other matter that impacts customers, display it prominently on your website. Esquire you update your contact us and google places listings as well.

6. Use Socials to communicate with everyone.

Have a look anywhere. Everyone has their heads buried in phones. If your message is not socials don’t expect your stakeholders to know your message. Longer messages should be crafted on your website with a link to social media. No ifs or buts if you want your message to resonate or even be seen. This is why there were crowds on the beachers last week. The message to not congregate was not on socials. Governments can’t rely on the 6 o’clock news top tell people what to do. And neither should you.

We don’t expect you to be communication experts. We are.

R6 Digital has a team of professional copywriters, social media experts, photographers and videographers, graphic artists and web programmers ready to communicate your message today, from a simple press release, to specialist video, graphics web development or programming, we are ready to get your message out.

Contact us today so we can get your message out.

Good or bad (preferably good)