One of the most important priorities for Google is security. They invest a lot of money and making sure that services use industry-leading security.

HTTPS – Hypertext transfer protocol – S stands for secure. When you go to a website and you see a little padlock appear on the search bar and the search name changes to HTTPS, you can rest assured that the website that you have gone to is secure.

This is vitally important for websites where credit cards are used. Importantly because Google considers that HTTP is secure they have added it as a search parameter in their Google ranking algorithm.

Google have been running test taking into account whether sites use this secure encrypted connection as a signal for search ranking and we have seen positive results.

Google encourages all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTP’s to keep everybody safe on the web.

So the question is what you have to do to make your site HTTPS? All website owners will need to purchase an encryption certificate (SSL certificate) where they clearly identify who they are by way of a number of tests to be able to purchase the security certificate. The bit like a bank trying to identify who you are the once it’s done and your certificate is issued it is then electronically encrypted into your website.

You will need to determine what kind of certificate you need whether it is a single, multi-domain or wildcard certificate. We can advise you on which certificate to use.

There are hundreds of scam websites out there and it’s really important that when you are searching on the web the people can get your business and ensure that your website is secure.

If your website uses financial transactions in other words purchases on your website is very important for to have a HTTPS website. In many cases it may be mandated by your payment provider.

So how does HTTPS work? When a user enters data into a form for page on your website to purchase or update their information HTTP’s will protect the personal information between the user and the site. The data between the form and the site is encrypted in the data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer internationally are otherwise without being detected.

If your website is not secure with a HTTP  encrypted certificate let us know and the team at R6 Digital will be able to help you.