Ten Top Reasons Why Doing Your Own Website is a Dumb Idea

Every day, there is an ad, even on TV, urging us to “create your own website” – they even claim it’s easy. These businesses promote that you just simply “sign up”, create your own website and Bazinga! –  all is good in web world! Ahh, no not really. We are going to share with you our professional insight from over 15 years in the web business. 

Ten top reasons why doing your own website is a dumb idea.

We stopped at 10 because we should. There are officially over 1 million real reasons….

  1. You are most likely not creative – Being frank, most of us are not that creative. We can’t paint or draw to save our life. Websites are much about creativity and image. If we are business, often we have a very different idea about

    Yuck! These sites do not work!

    our business image that our customers do. Do your own website and more than likely you will fall into the trap of making a website you like, rather than the one your customers need. It’s not about what you like.

  2. Doing your own website is a tax on your time – Do you value your own time? Most business people should know by now, it can be very costly on your time to create your own website. Do you have that kind of time laying around? Most people in business are very busy and maybe your time is best invested in making money rather than saving a few dollars. Presumptive but we assume you like making money. Your time is better spent elsewhere.
  3. There is little chance you will get it right. Unlike landing the space shuttle you can tinker with a website until it needs a refresh, by that time you will be over it. If we could get away with high school kids creating websites, we would, but website creation is a specialised skill and again being frank, it’s not your core business. There are only about a million ways to stuff it up!
  4. Technology is evolving fast – OK so you are committed to tackling this project yourself. Where do you start? Will you pick a website template, or do it yourself in a web editor, or use some other platform? OK, I know you’re busy, Get back to working that out…
  5. Websites are an ongoing journey – Are you ready to take it? OK, you have defied the odds and created a website. Now, what happens? It’s a bit like buying a car, learning to drive then not having any idea where you are going. Your website is now dead in the water as it does not work.
  6. You make compromises because you don’t even know you are making them – Websites need good images, but that’s OK, you have plenty on your phone. Upload them and away you go. You don’t spell check, you do not grammar check and you don’t even get the page names right.
  7. “What are all these settings do? We use those settings to make your website work. Don’t forget to find the extra time to work them all out – get them wrong and no one will see your site and our friends at Google may even penalise your site.
  8. Your Website is the Window to your business Are you really good at what you do for a job? Do you rely on the income from your business? The old days of plonking an Ad in the Yellow Pages are well and truly gone. 5 minutes with a crayon and your ad for 12 months was done. Remember? Sorry, but business doesn’t work like that anymore. Your website is your window to your offering. Are you a glazier by the way? Clean windows are important.
  9. Websites need to be part of an overall marketing strategy. I forgot to ask you, do you do all your advertising and marketing as well? How do plan to link your shiny new self-created website to the rest of your marketing? More than likely there is no way to add in specialist tools to ensure all your marketing is co-ordinated.
  10. SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Pixels, Crazy Egg, A/B testing, Mobile responsive, CSS, Stylesheets, Plug ins, Content Management, Social Media links, Contact forms. Need I go on and on and on? You will need to know how all of this stuff works and much more to do your own website.

We don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm – far from it, but your time might be better channelled into a good website brief and let a professional website company create the website for you.

To put this in perspective – there are more than 1 billion websites currently on the Internet.  There are over 40,000 search queries every second.

Over 1.2 billion dollars of online business is completed on the Internet every 30 seconds. Are you getting any of that cash?

So many factors control the success of your website. Professional web companies like R6 Web have a dedicated team of artists, marketeer’s, professional photographers, videographers and SEO experts.

By all means have a go at your own website. Note how much time you spend doing it. Allocate a value to your time. We suggest your charge out rate.

That professionally created website is starting to look pretty good! Do the math.

Contact our team R6 Web Digital and they will show you the first steps to web success. Professional websites deliver. Simple. 


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