Websites can be essential for the success of sporting organisations. When it comes to attracting new junior members or fans, an excellent website is a very valuable tool. Almost everyone searches online for the information they need, so making sure your sporting organisation has an effective online presence and a well-designed website is important. Here at R6 Digital, our experience in designing motorsport websites means we understand how valuable a good website can be to a sporting organisation.

Here are a few features all sporting organisations should include on their website:

Your Logo

Your sporting organisation’s logo is your brand identity. Attracting new members and fans is a lot easier when they already recognise your brand. Your organisation’s logo should be everywhere: on uniforms, on flyers, on the clubhouse, and definitely on the website. The more exposure people get to your brand, the more likely they are to recall your organisation when they’re looking for a new club or information. Your logo needs to feature on your website’s home page.

Games and Events

No matter what level your sporting organisation is, from grassroots to elite and professional, it’s important there’s information about the upcoming games and events on the website. Include the scores and match history between rival teams, and get information about future games online as soon as possible. If your organisation is at a higher level, this will give fans enough time to purchase tickets. It’s still important even if you only have a grassroots competition for juniors. This information is valuable to players and parents, as well as potential new parents and players who might want to come along to a match before they make a decision.

Visual Elements

Visual elements, such as photos and videos, can immensely improve the quality of a website. High-quality action shots from your recent games look great on websites. Investing in a professional photographer can be worth it in the long run. Websites with professional quality images are more attractive. Video content might seem like it’s too hard to produce, but you can create them yourself. With smartphones able to produce high-resolution videos, you can spend a few minutes capturing match highlights and post-game interviews with players and coaches.


Posting articles on your sporting organisation or motorsport websites are a great way to keep your members and fans updated with the latest news about your club or sport. These articles are great for pre- and post-game articles, as well as for interviews and other content. These articles can be optimised for search engines, which will help your motorsport websites rank higher for relevant search terms.

If you want to have a professional website created for your sporting club but don’t have the skillset to make it yourself, the team at R6 Digital would love to help you out. Visit our portfolio or learn more about the motorsport websites we’ve created in the past. If you’d like a quote or want to learn more about the ways R6 Web Digital can help you, contact us today!