Emma is the Content Manager at R6 Digital, where she writes and edits articles, manages SEO, and turns the dishwasher on every morning. Read on to spend a day in her shoes. 

The Morning

My alarm goes off at 6:07am. That might seem like a strange time to wake up every day, but I’ve got my morning routine down to a science; it takes me exactly 23 minutes to get ready every morning, so I wake up exactly 23 minutes before I need to leave for work. I really appreciate sleep, so I’ve eliminated everything from my morning routine that would mean I needed to wake up earlier: no email checking, no social media scrolling, no snoozing. As soon as my alarm goes off, I get out of bed, get ready, and head out the door at exactly 6:30am. I enjoy my daily commute to work – at this time of day going southbound away from the traffic, it’s a nice drive. I arrive at work just before 7am.

This first thing I do is turn everything on: the air con, the lights (including the light inside our new fish tank), the dishwasher, and my computer. My work day starts with breakfast at my desk. Our office has had a bit of a milk crisis – after running out of milk for a few weeks, we increased our milk order and now we seem to have an abundance of milk. I do my part by always choosing to eat a bowl of cereal and drink a milky coffee first thing in the morning.

While I’m eating my breakfast, I go through my emails, read articles on the latest changes to Google’s search algorithm and SEO best practice (there’s always something), and organise my list of tasks to complete for the day. I usually choose something mentally challenging to start off with – no one else starts at 7am so it’s really quiet in the office, and the morning is when I’m able to focus the best. Today, and most other days, that task is editing some articles to be published across a few client websites.


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Around 9:30am, I take a coffee break. Everyone’s arrived in the office now, and I’ve already completed quite a few tasks. In the kitchen, I chat with Brooke, one of our designers, on the struggles of building IKEA furniture and moving house. Back at my desk with a fresh coffee, I spend just over an hour writing some notes and plans for a few articles I need to get done this week. I like to plan articles on paper and I always find the more effort I put into the plan, the easier the article is to write.

I spend the next few hours editing and writing. There’s an article I wrote for one of our internal websites yesterday that needs editing. Once I’m happy with the content, I ensure it’s optimised for the web and schedule it out for later in the month. I move onto writing another article, one I planned out yesterday and need to finish this week.


I sit down for lunch just before 12pm. I usually bring leftovers from dinner the night before, but I had tacos last night and they’re too hard to transport.  So today, I have some raisin toast. I often bring raisin toast when I don’t have any leftovers and the smell always makes the rest of the office jealous; today is no different. I like to spend my lunch breaks reading a book, catching up on some YouTube videos, or when I can’t avoid it, uni work towards my Master of Arts in Editing and Publishing degree. I’ve moved house recently and still have no/very limited Internet at home, so today I’m watching some YouTube videos.

Towards the end of my lunch break, there’s some office banter around who should be ‘bin slave’ this week. Every week, someone is drawn at random to take the bin down to the street on a Wednesday afternoon and bring it back up to the office on a Thursday morning. Last week, the nominated ‘bin slave’ was away on Wednesday, so someone else had to take their place. Should this person automatically be the ‘bin slave’ this week instead? The consensus was yes, but a new person ended up being nominated anyway. It wasn’t me (hooray!).


It’s back to work after lunch, and I spend another few hours planning out topics and potential ideas for next months’ articles. There are around 60 articles across our all our clients to be published each month. Planning out that many topics can be a laborious and time-consuming task, but it’s great to be able to exercise so much creativity and organisational skills (two of my favourite things) in my job.

Around 2pm, I switch over to some less intensive work. I usually reserve the last hour of the work day for smaller tasks or tasks I can get done without too much effort. After spending the majority of the day writing and editing articles, content planning, and brainstorming, it’s nice to spend some time on tasks that don’t require so much brainpower. Today, I’m resizing images and getting updates on a few loose ends.

The last thing I do most work days is check my WhatPulse statistics, and today is no exception. WhatPulse is an application that tracks each key you type and click you make, among a few other things. Everyone in the office has it installed and we can be quite competitive about who’s on top of the leaderboard. My statistics are significantly lower than some other people’s (I only started using WhatPulse a month or so ago), but today I’ve moved up one position. The person I passed hasn’t ‘pulsed’ their data in a few days though, so we’ll see how long I stay here for.

I get home from work around 3:30pm and spend some time relaxing (doing absolutely nothing important) on the couch.


While I’m not the best at it, I enjoy cooking dinner. Tonight, it’s sausages, mash potato, and veggies. Cooking meals is the time my partner, Kieran, and I use to catch up. We chat about our days while we cook, and continue the conversations while we eat.

I’m a big fan of netball, so usually my evenings are filled with trainings, coaching, or games. I have the night off from my own netball tonight, which means I can go and watch Kieran play in his mixed social netball competition. It’s nice to simply be a spectator for once, and I enjoy watching the game a lot.

When we get home, it’s pretty much time for bed. I have a quick shower and curl up in bed with a book. I usually spend at least an hour reading each night before I go to sleep. Currently, I’m reading Game of Thrones. I never thought I’d be interested in the books, but I need something to tide me over until 2019 when the next and final season of the show airs. Luckily for me, there are a lot of books in the series. Before I put my book down to sleep, I check my alarm is set for 6:07am at least three times. Finally satisfied it’s set correctly, I count the hours of sleep I’m going to get tonight; it’s about 10:30pm, so I should get about 7.5 hours. Happy with that, I settle in for the night.

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