Social Media a winner for Australia’s largest International Car Rally

Kennards Hire Rally Australia is the final round of the prestigious World Rally Championship (WRC).

Held in Coffs Harbour in November each year, Kennards Hire Rally Australia attracts the world’s best rally drivers, teams, and over 60,000 fans enjoy world class rally action out on the stages with millions watching online.

Social Media a winner for Australia’s largest International Car Rally.

The WRC has millions of followers on Social media and they consume thousands of posts from events around the world and the WRC itself.

World Rallying is popular – second only to F1. Million’s of rally fans enjoy extreme rally action worldwide via YouTube, Vimeo, Red Bull TV and Television.

R6 Web Digital™ was selected in 2016 to lift Kennards Rally Australia’s profile globally.

“When we were selected to lift the profile of the rally, we understood exactly how much work it would be, Dallas Dogger, said.

“We knew we had a big job ahead of us and we knew we would have to work extra hard to overcome built-in barriers to success.

  • Rallying does not have a high sporting profile in Australia. Unlike Cricket and football that receive media coverage even when there is no news, building a fan base from people who don’t know rallying was always going to be a challenge. We knew we would have to build awareness with content that educated potential followers and build trust.
  • Geographically challenged. Australia is the only round of the WRC in the Southern Hemisphere. This has meant that we have little chance of getting close neighbours to visit or engage with us. We knew we would have to engage globally.

We started with less than 16,000 followers in May of 2016, we systematically posted custom material, creating over 2,000 pieces of custom artwork, driver profiles, images of teams, building engagement daily. We posted custom material pre and post event for each WRC round up to Kennards Hire Rally Australia, building the audience and followers.

During the Event

R6 Digital™ sent five staff to the rally for rally week. Based in the Media Centre, staff produced posts from the time the drivers arrived to to team setup, working with the WRC teams to create interesting posts, engaging with followers from around the world. R6 Web set new standards of engagement in motorsport.

Destination NSW is a major sponsor of the rally and the R6 Web Digital Team™ were careful to tag them in relevant posts, showcasing the region to many thousands of overseas fans.

R6 Web Digital ™ are continuing to grow followers for Kennards Rally Australia and the event now leads WRC events in many areas.

Instagram – the rally is number 1 in Instagram and leads the rally world in fan engagement.

Twitter – The Rally is number 2 in Twitter and is building to the number 1 position. Most teams and drivers retweet the posts made.

Facebook – The Rally is number 3 in Facebook and is building more followers daily. With over 150,000 Facebook fans, posts are seen by over 100,000 fans daily. We worked in with major teams like M Sport, creating viral content at the event.

We did not buy “likes”; we built followers with content.

Every follower of Kennards Hire Rally Australia is a genuine fan. Whilst we had an advertising budget, it was used to drive ticket sales.

R6 Web Digital™ created an engaging ticket sales campaign, using Social Media and PPC, adding to the spectator

Post Event

Kennards Hire Rally Australia hosted the prestigious WRC Gala on Sydney Harbour, with over 75,000 fans watching Facebook live broadcasts created by the R6 Team.

The WRC Gala event was able to be brought to life, live with great technology by DJI and we use their products for media creation every day.

With over 200,000 followers, fans are set for great action again this November, with faster cars, more action, and more social media interaction. No other rally event in Australia has anywhere near the followers of Kennards Hire Rally Australia.

There is no doubt that Social media can lift any events profile. It’s hard work and intensive for sure, but understanding that Social Media can engage your event with fans is the key.

The event does not have to have TV coverage to be popular and there is strong evidence that millennials don’t watch TV at all: Social Media one of the only ways to communicate a message to them.

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