With the centrality of the Internet in our daily lives, it’s safe to say most people understand the importance of having a website; however, simply having a website isn’t enough. Your website isn’t just a collection of web pages online; it can be the first point of contact with your customers, it can be the way you set yourself apart from your competitors, and it can highlight your business’ credibility and authority in the industry. Your website can work wonders for your business, but it’s important that it’s well-designed, no matter what industry you’re in. Here are five reasons why well-designed Self Storage websites are important for your business.

1. Websites are the first point of contact with consumers

When consumers are in the market for a product, they search for it online. Maybe they’ve heard of your brand before, so they specifically search for your Self Storage facility. If your website takes too long to load, if they can’t find the information they need quickly enough, or if it looks outdated, they’re going to click away and find one of your competitors. Self Storage websites are often the first point of contact with your consumers; if you make a good impression, you might gain a loyal customer. If you make a bad impression, however, you’re not going to get their business.

2. Websites create an online presence for your business

With the digital world we live in, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence for your business. Remember, when consumers are in the market for new products they search for them online. If you don’t have a website, your business might struggle to gain new customers because potential consumers can’t find the information they need online.

3. Websites should highlight professionalism and credibility

A well-designed website sets the tone of your business. If Self Storage websites don’t look very professional, clean, or high-quality, consumers are going to be less interested in your business. Websites that are well-designed can highlight the professionalism and credibility of your Self Storage facility, which can attract new customers.

4. Websites provide consumers with information

When a consumer is searching for a new product, they often have specific questions in mind. For example, how much does it cost? Is it available right now? How far away am I from the closest store or facility? Your website needs to be able to answer their questions. Consumers need to be able to find the information they need as quickly as possible. Well-designed Self Storage websites can impress potential customers with the ease to find the information they’re looking for.

5. Self Storage is a competitive industry

The Self Storage industry is incredibly competitive, so your website needs to make sure your facility stands out from your competitors. This can not only be done through impressive website design, but also through other aspects of digital marketing. For example, both SEO and SEM can help businesses attract new customers, and neither can be done without a website. When paired together, an SEO campaign and effective website design can help Self Storage websites rank higher in the search results.

You can view some of our latest work to see some of the Self Storage websites we’ve created in the past. If your Self Storage facility is in need of a new website, contact the team at R6 Digital today.