Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of gaining traffic to your website from organic (natural) search results on search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

Why is SEO important?

Without strong SEO it will be difficult for customers and clients to find your Website online. Google ranks websites according to their relevance to a certain search term or keyword. SEO allows Google to recognise your website’s relevance, and rank it higher on their search pages, allowing people to find what they are looking for.

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What actions are required to improve a website’s SEO?

There are over a hundred actions you can take to increase the SEO of your website, and with Google being secretive about how they rank websites, it is recommended to do as many of them as possible. A good, well built and professionally designed website is a good start.

The old chestnut “content is king” will forever be associated with websites, so it comes as no surprise that content is the most important element in the practise of SEO.

Google loves websites that are easy to load, well structured, enjoy an easy and obvious user flow and is filled with usable and informative content.

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10 Quick Steps to Great SEO

  1. Hire a Website Design Agency to design and build your Website. (Preferably on WordPress). This is number one because a professional website design agency will include most of the important steps to great SEO, so your website will at least be seen by Google.
  2. Use a Domain Name that is self explanatory… I.E.
  3. Use a Professional SEO focussed Copywriter to write Website Content.
  4. Write regular Blogs and News Articles that are keyword rich and SEO driven.
  5. Include external links to and from your website.
  6. Sign Up to Contact Lists including Yelp, True Local, Yellow Pages etc.
  7. Make use of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising to drive traffic to your website. The more traffic you get, the better the SEO results will be. Remember, Google is a business, if you give them business, then they are more likely to return the favour.
  8. Research & Track traffic to your website, and focus on important Keywords.
  9. Optimise your images and snippets, and use Rich Snippets and Site Links where and when possible.
  10. Make use of the services of an SEO specialist. R6 Digital offers professional SEO services, and we achieve excellent results for our clients.

What should your SEO focus on?

Know your customer, and target your SEO to the keywords they are likely to use to find you online. If you have a Self Storage facility in Bondi Beach, Sydney, then you should target your SEO towards the following search terms…

  • Bondi Self Storage
  • Bondi Beach Storage
  • Mini Storage Bondi
  • Tamarama Self Storage
  • Bronte Self Storage

In this example it is fairly pointless to target the whole of Sydney, since more than 90% of the clients will come from Bondi, and neighbouring suburbs.

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What is Short Tail & Long Tail Searches

Short Tail Searches
Short Tail Searches are less specific search terms that will target more generic keywords and results. For example: ‘Self Storage’. This will bring a range of options to the screen, and will draw results from a wider pool of options.

Long Tail Searches
Long Tail Searches are more specific, but are more difficult to work into your SEO. Long Tail searches might include “Is there a place where I can store my furniture for a month”. This is where Blogs come in handy, plus well created Google AdWords campaigns.

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