Project Description

Website & Members Portal for Self Storage Association of Australasia

The Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) came to R6 Digital with the goal of splitting their existing, outdated website into two separate sites, a member portal and a public website focused on increasing memberships.

The challenge

R6 Digital was given the task of creating two brand new websites for the Self Storage Association of Australasia; a members portal and a public website. Our biggest challenge was creating a new public website for the SSAA that maintained its strong online presence and top positioned ranks in Google.

What we did:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Online Store & Ads
  • Members database with CRM Integration
  • Event Management
  • On-site SEO optimisations

Public Website

The new Self Storage Association of Australasia’s public website features a mobile responsive and smart design. All elements, including page layout and content, have been optimised to maximise website leads and increase site dwell time.

The structure of the new site had a heavy focus on increasing usability, such as including a unique and custom design for single event pages, making it quick and easy to add new and manage all upcoming events on the site.

Streamlined for conversions, the new website focuses on bringing in new leads and creating more members for the Self Storage Association of Australasia. With existing high positioned Google ranks, special on-site optimisations were implemented on the site to ensure the website maintained its organic positions when the site went live.

Separating non-members from members

R6 Digital split the existing website for the Self Storage Association of Australasia into two separate sites for members and for non-members. This allows two separate platforms for the SSAA where they can individually focus on increasing member sign-ups and increase the serviceability to their current members. These two websites work hand in hand to retain current customers and increase new the number of new member sign ups.

E-commerce Site

The SSAA’s member portal features an online store using WooCommerce, allowing members to purchase packages and products online 24/7.

Mobile Focus

Both new SSAA websites were designed separately for mobile devices, ensuring they both scale to size and functions on all device types whether it be a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Streamlines Conversions

Having a website solely focused on increasing new member sign-ups has allowed the SSAA to increase memberships.

Custom Members Portal

Fully integrated with a custom online store and wish cart, the new SSAA member portal has made it easier for customers to purchase products online 24/7, increasing the SSAA’s revenue.

The members portal was the more challenging of the two websites and contained an online store with a custom cart, wishlist and checkout design using WooCommerce. The new portal is mobile responsive and integrates with Capsule (the SSAA’s CRM) to keep track of all members and their details, which controls their logins to the member site. Members can update their personal and business information on the website which is automatically updated and saved by Capsule.

The SSAA member portal also features a dynamic ad set up, allowing members to order ads for both the public and member website. Members can also track their ad performance (number of views, clicks, expiry, total spend etc) on this platform. This brand new member portal acts as a massive database and e-commerce store for its members, allowing them to access agreements, legal services, banners, fliers and more online.

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