Project Description

Rally Australia leading the way on the World Stage

Rally Australia had a goal: to become number 1 in the World Rally Champion in Social Media and set a new precedent for online media and event promotion. Being the 13th round in the championship and other important factors meant the task ahead was not going to be easy.

The challenge

Being a predominantly European based sport with very little exposure in Australia meant that the challenge ahead was going to be tough. We created a complex multi-strand strategy to grow Rally Australia social media to number 1 in the WRC. We were also responsible for all online and digital tickets sales.

What we did:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Ticket Sales Strategy
  • Google AdWords
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design

Turning strategy into followers

In today’s society online followers is the new currency. No longer is it about how many people you at have at an  event or how much TV coverage you get, but rather you’re judged on your online following.

In 2015, Rally Australia Chairman Ben Rainford approached R6 Digital about helping it become a major influencer on the World Stage. At this point Rally Australia was languishing towards to bottom of the social media rankings in the World Rally Championship. We accepted the challenge with no hesitation.

A new era for social media content

Across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter there is one common denominator, content is king. We knew that no amount of money can buy genuine and active followers, they can only be won by great content. We combined our unique content along with our boosting and distribution strategy to engage and reach new online fans. Some of the content included 3D map graphics, Driver cards, Infographics, video and other motion graphics.

Online spectating first for the World Rally Championship

Every year tens of thousands of people flock to the heart of Coffs Harbour to see the world’s best rally drivers battle it out for the world title. Although the event meets its KPIs in attendance, there is still 380,000 fans across the world that are interested but can’t make it to the event. We thought why not allow Rally Australia’s followers to spectate and engage with the event, teams and drivers online. During the lead up and the event we created exclusive behind the scenes content with the teams, produced Facebook live broadcasts straight from the heart of the event and published all the action, results and interviews instantly. Rally Australia reached millions of online fans over the event week that they would never reached. That’s the power of Social Media!

Achieving world #1 in social media

In 2016 we achieved our goal of being number in social media in the World Rally Championship having over 151,430. Every year we have refined our approach and continue to produce new and innovative content and invest in latest technology to engage with the online fans in new ways.

A+ FIA Grade

Rally Australia receives A+ grade from the FIA

Rally Australia website is a vital part of the function and marketing of the event allowing spectators to browse event information and competitors to access logistical documentation and media accreditation.

Ticket Sales Campaign

With Facebook’s algorithm change in February 2018 and increasing category competition, the cost to market online has doubled. The increase in competition and ad spend costs meant that a smarter marketing strategy was needed, not a bigger budget.

When it comes to marketing an event the concept is simple, create a product and promote it to the right audience. In Rally Australia’s case there are controlling factors that both negatively and positively impact tickets sales. We had to address and overcome these factors to market the event more effectively.

The Product

Firstly the product has to be attractive and affordable. We worked closely with Rally Australia to come up with the product types and the price offerings. At that time there were no Australians competing in the championship providing a major challenge in promoting this event locally. We had to market the drivers as heroes of the motorsport world and make them become household names.

In coherence with creating colour for the event it was also important that every user that clicked on an ad or opened an email bought a ticket right there and then. We created urgency with timely offers and provided in depth information about the event and inclusions. We created videos, photo galleries, 3D maps, in depth information for each spectator point, location based information and accommodation. We optimised multiple landing pages to ensure that every visitor would have the information they needed to make a purchasing decision.

The Campaign

We ran hundreds of ads across many platforms, Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising was the main focus of our campaign. Running over 1,200 Ad Sets and targeting over 100+ custom audiences. We tailored each graphic and message for each individual target market based on location, age and interests.

In order to utilise the Ad Spend budget effectively, we built industry first reporting so that our ad technicians could make real time optimisations resulting the lowest cost per ticket sale possible. This allowed us to spend the right amount of budget on the highest performing ads. Our custom design landing pages ensured that when users clicked on our ads that they can make a purchasing decision.

We also created custom EDM campaigns targeting custom audiences as well as running display advertising on popular motorsport news and publishing websites. Every potentially target market was targeted with a tailored product offer to maximise ticket sales.

20% Increase in ticket sales

The 2018 ticket sales campaign was highly successful generating a 20% increase on 2017 ticket sales. Although the price of online advertising increased, the overall cost per ticket sale resulted in a significant return on investment for Rally Australia.

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