Project Description

Online branding & EOI campaign for The Airport Group

The Airport Group is a commercial property enterprise who develop airports and industrial parks all around Australia. We were tasked with helping the group to promote their new developments through an expressions of interest campaign and expanding community awareness.

The challenge

Being a relatively unknown brand within the commercial property industry, we quickly identified that our biggest challenge would be to build trust with audiences before we could run a successful expression of interest campaign. We started the project with a detailed consultation process before creating a range of brochures, master plans and landing pages with a highly professional edge.

What we did:

  • Master plans for a range of airports around the country
  • Billboards to promote new development in Coffs Harbour
  • Landing page design
  • EOI campaign on Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Design guidelines brochure
  • Content creation & Ad-Copy

Turning strategy into followers

In today’s interconnected world it’s essential that marketing campaigns reach the right audiences and leave no stone unturned, you must ensure your business is getting maximum exposure across online and offline channels.

One of the most important steps during our work with The Airport Group was identifying the most relevant demographics to target through our expressions of interest campaign. During our research process we identified opportunities in The Financial Review, The Australian, local newspapers, commercial real estate display campaign and on specific social networks that attracted a more professional audience group.

Print Advertising Campaign

We ran a highly successful EOI print advertising campaign for The Airport Group to promote one of their latest developments in Coffs Harbour. We analysed the readership of a range of national newspapers before deciding on The Financial Review, The Australian and The Coffs Advocate to place our ads. Our graphic design team worked closely with our Creative Director and copywriters to craft a distinctive advertisement to be disseminated across these offline channels. We tracked the success of these advertisements with offline call tracking so we were able to quantify the success of the campaign and communicate this to the client.

Community Awareness

The other significant aspect of the project was increasing community awareness. We identified a need to publicise the new development to residents and businesses in Coffs Harbour with the goal of creating a buzz around the area for consumers while also encouraging businesses to enquire about the development. We consulted with our client and conducted research around the best locations to place the billboards, before deciding on the main highway and the area around the airport. We tracked the success of the campaign through our landing page, monitoring site traffic and recording enquiries via form submissions and phone calls.


Expressions of Interest

The Airport Group received over 50 phone calls and email enquiries resulting in a massive uptake of lots in the new development.


Over 1,500 Landing Page Visits

The landing page has received over 1,500 visitors to date, due to both online and offline marketing campaigns.


People Reached

Our comprehensive marketing campaign stretched across print, social media, display advertising and billboards.

Reaching The Right Audiences

Not all social media networks engage with the same demographics and depending on the industry, certain advertisements will result in extremely low engagement rates. It’s essential that careful consideration and research goes into which platforms work best for which audiences.

Our two pronged approach to this campaign ensured we were able to engage with audiences both online and offline. When undertaking our online EOI and awareness campaigns, we designed a landing page which incorporated artist sketches of the new development and details about the location and the lots available for businesses. Our creative director worked with our conversion rate optimisation specialist to ensure our landing page would increase the number of enquiries.

LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing Campaign

We identified these two social networks as the most effective form of reaching our target audience. During the research phase of our social media campaigns we identified that business owners and professionals are both active and in the right frame of mind to make business decisions when using LinkedIn, while Facebook possessed the ability to target the Coffs Harbour region as a whole, which increased community awareness while also reaching any business owners who are not active on LinkedIn. Both of these campaigns were highly successful, achieving a cost per enquiry of approximately $50 and our LinkedIn campaign was seen by over 20,000 business owners.

Commercial Real Estate Display Advertising

The final facet of our project with The Airport Group was identifying additional opportunities for display advertisements online. We conducted a complete feasibility analysis of property websites and compared the success of these campaigns to Google display network campaigns. We quickly identified the Commercial Real Estate website as the most effective form of advertising for large developments. Our team of graphic designers worked with our creative director to produce eye-catching advertisements that fitted with the style of the website.

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