Project Description

A world class website and digital marketing campaign for KeepSafe Storage

KeepSafe Storage came to R6 Digital with the goal of increasing leads and move-ins for all three of their storage facility locations. While becoming a dominant force in the industry, they are now currently the leading storage provider in the Perth region.

The challenge

With extremely high levels of neighbouring competition, the biggest challenge faced by R6 Digital was to elevate KeepSafe storage above over 20 competitors, including well established nationwide companies with much larger marketing budgets.

What we did:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • New website

Turning strategy into followers

In today’s digital age, there are 7.19 million mobile devices being used and almost all users have the internet at their fingertips 24/7. Out of these users, over 60% are searching for products or services. R6 Digital came up with a full-scale digital marketing strategy that would capitalise this digital platform.

Using our talented team of digital marketers, graphic designers and web developers, R6 Digital strategized a multi-step digital marketing campaign designed to maximise enquiries and “self storage move-ins” every step of the way. R6 Digital took control over the entirety of KeepSafe’s online presence, creating a brand new website supported by Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords and Social Media Advertising.

Brand New Website

The first step in the process for R6 Digital was to create a brand-new website for KeepSafe Storage that was fully optimised across all device types. R6 Digital designed a new website that provides easy-to-navigate path directly to all necessary information while reflecting the brands image that is supported by all device types. Integrated with RapidStor technology, an online booking system was integrated into the website, streamlining the conversion process and allowing customers to book storage space online 24/7.

Search Engine Optimisation

After pushing the new KeepSafe Storage website live, an extensive SEO campaign was launched for the client. Structural, technical, content and keyword optimisations were made to almost every aspect on the site, coupled with a heavy backlink acquisition approach, resulting in rapid rank movements for all monitored keywords in major search engines.


Top listing in Google search

In just over a year we pushed all three KeepSafe Storage facility pages into the top position of Google Search for each location.


Increase in website sessions

KeepSafe Storage saw an astounding 300% increase in website traffic across their site, resulting in a record number of conversions for the Self Storage business.


Increase in customer Value

Our digital marketing efforts tripled the expected profit value from Self Storage Move-Ins, resulting in record breaking ROI.

Capitalising on Digital Real Estate

After Reaching the top positions of Organic Google Search it was time to move onto pay per click advertising, capitalising on all aspects of digital real estate, ensuring KeepSafe Storage sat above its competitors across the board.

Focusing on Google AdWords and Facebook pay per click advertising, we came up with a lead generation strategy designed to drive KeepSafe Storage to the top of the search ranks without compromising on cost per lead.

Google AdWords

A highly targeted and refined AdWords campaign was implemented for KeepSafe Storage in Perth, utilising compelling ad copy and user experience to drive conversions. Careful optimisations and data backed decisions resulted in high click through and conversion rates with cost per conversion sitting far below the industry average. KeepSafe has seen a steady increase in enquiries month on month, with its successful AdWords campaign generating up to an additional 130 leads each month; an expected value of over $145,000 per month of Self Storage rentals.

Facebook Advertising

The final piece of the KeepSafe’s digital marketing puzzle was to develop a third lead generation channel to cover any additional traffic that was not being captured by organic SEO and AdWords; Facebook. Using graphics created in-house and conducting thorough research into the client’s target audience, a highly targeted facebook campaign was set up for the client, supported by a second re-marketing Facebook campaign. The combination of these two campaigns resulted in a high increase in new enquiries for KeepSafe while also driving older site visitors, who have shown previous interest in KeepSafe, back into the conversion process, maximising ROI for the Perth based Self Storage Business.

What the customer had to say

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