Project Description

Citipointe Church – Revolutionising the digital real-estate

Citipointe Church is one of Australia’s largest and influential churches with 10 locations across Australasia, Europe and the United States. We partnered with the Citipointe team to create a fresh and innovative online experience and better engage with their tens of thousands of weekly attendees.

The challenge

Being a very large church with hundreds of events and services across the world, we identified key components that their website was lacking and how to maximise and create a better online experience for every user touchpoint. Our goal was to deliver a revolutionary website from the way the user could navigate and engage, to the beautifully crafted design aesthetics. The website needed to be impeccable in every aspect across usability, functionality and visual effect.

What we did:

  • Digital Strategy & Discovery
  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Interactive Development
  • Video & Animation

Creating one brand with many locations

Over the last 10 years, Citipointe Church has tripled in size while introducing new locations across New Zealand and the United States.

With this growth came the difficulties of marketing each individual location while also maintaining a consistent universal brand image.

In our discovery sessions, we identified key functionality and explored new content strategies and user journeys. These components set the tone and direction for the project ensuring the new website aligned with the core brand vision and direction.

User-based journey mapping

Based on the brief attained in the discovery meeting, we created user journeys for each type of potential visitor. We thought through how each user (new or returning) would use the site and what that experience would entail from location based events, products and service times to focusing on the global mission and ministries of Citipointe Church.

Custom Lifegroup Finder

Each week Citipointe Church has hundreds of small groups (Lifegroups) of like-minded people who gather and do life together. Having a large growing number of Lifegroups in a CMS created complicated and manual processes for managing and joining Lifegroups across Australia and abroad. We created a customised Lifegroup experience where users can search in real-time via country, region and demographic and find a Lifegroup that’s suited to their needs.

Mobile Focus

Creating a flawless and enjoyable user experience.

Every part of the user journey was custom designed specifically for each mobile device ensuring a flawless and enjoyable user experience. We tailored the content and visual design of the website for each mobile device ensuring a streamlined design that enhances the online experience across all viewing platforms.

Lifegroup Finder

A new way of discovering lifegroups.

We created customised Lifegroup experience where users can search in real-time via country, region and demographics to find a Lifegroup that’s suited to their needs.

A new fresh and vibrant experience

When considering the look and feel of the website, we knew that it had to be a new and fresh look for Citipointe.

The visual elements, custom graphics and motion had to be relevant and young. Citipointe has always been known for its creative culture so it was important that the new website lived up to their reputation.

In designing any website, it’s vital to not only design to trends but to give websites a sense of longevity. By Designing majority of the website to house custom graphics/ video and artwork, this allows the client to keep all visual elements on trend. We designed every part of the website to house and facilitate future content giving them creative freedom.

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