The Christmas and holiday season can be very important for many businesses, as there’s the potential for high profit margins. Because of this, ramping up your paid-search advertising in the lead up to Christmas can be a good idea. This can help increase brand awareness and brand recall right when consumers are ready to make purchases. However, it’s important you plan your holiday paid-search advertising strategy out carefully. Keep the following tips in mind if you’re ready to start planning your holiday advertising.

Don’t just focus on Christmas Day

While paid-search advertising trends in the US often centre around Black Friday sales (which is November 24 in 2017), our major holiday sales in Australia don’t occur until Boxing Day. The majority of your December paid-search advertising budget should be focused towards Christmas gifts; however, don’t neglect the potential profits to be made on Boxing Day. Gift cards and money are common Christmas gifts, and many will take to the shopping centres in the days after Christmas. Make sure you include some extra budget for the post-Christmas shopping sprees.

Make sure you start advertising early

While many leave their Christmas shopping to the complete last minute, a significant number try and avoid the last minute dash. Because of this, it’s important you start your campaigns in November. Not only will this help you reach the early-birds, but it will also increase brand awareness for potential shoppers waiting until Christmas Eve.

November is an important time to set up your remarketing campaigns as well. Many will plan their Christmas shopping out beforehand by searching for potential gifts online. These consumers probably won’t make any purchases straight away, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Make sure you retarget these consumers again to remind them of your brand and your products.

Consider encouraging self-gifting purchases

People are more likely to buy gifts for themselves during the Christmas season than at any other time of the year. Because of this, consider creating some ‘treat yourself’ style paid-search advertising as well. This shouldn’t replace your other advertising, but should run alongside your main campaigns rather than instead of.

Get planning!

The Christmas season isn’t just right around the corner; it’s right outside your front door! If you don’t start planning your Christmas paid-search advertising campaigns soon, you’re going to miss out on plenty of extra sales opportunities. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and don’t think you can manage your paid-search advertising on your own, contact the team at R6 Digital to find out how we can help you!