We work hard & play hard.

Our people are our greatest asset.

We never strive for anything less than extraordinary.
Our core values drive every decision, task, and project.

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Our values are what make our team
different to your average agency.


We strive to be innovative and creative, doing things that have never been done before.

Results Driven

Our customer’s success is always at the front of our minds, their metrics are our metrics and we are as successful as our customers.


When we commit to something it gets done regardless of what we have charged. We communicate at all stages of a project.

Relentless pursuit of the best

We continually look for new ways to improve and achieve better results for our clients, projects, and processes.


We own our mistakes. If we mess something up, or our customers are not satisfied we do what it takes to get it right.

Ridiculously Good Work

We take pride in our work and never compromise on design or functionality. Everything that goes to our customers looks great and professional, always.

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We never strive for anything less than extraordinary.

The Dream Team

The value and satisfaction of being on a dream team is tremendous. Working in such a team means that you learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and have the most fun.


At R6 Digital we value hardworking employees. Those with strong track records get leeway if their performance takes a dip, similarly we ask those employees to stick with R6 through any short term dips.

Our values inspire us, so does the
journey that lies ahead.

Working at R6

Founded in year.
Team members.
Websites built.
AdSpend to Date.

Our company is only a good as our team members, and they’re pretty awesome

Our people are our
greatest asset.


We believe that people thrive on trust, freedom, and being able to make a difference. So we foster freedom and empowerment wherever we can.


We believe selflessness is important and so we say, “Make time to help colleagues. You share information openly and proactively.”

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