Kennards Hire Rally Australia leads the World in Social Media

COFFS COAST (NSW) Kennards Hire Rally Australia has shot to the top of social media rankings for events in the World Rally Championship (WRC), with over 306,000 followers across 35 countries. Considered second to the prestigious World F1 Championship, world rallying showcases production based cars across most...

Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence | R6 Web Design

How AI is changing the way we search

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the way we search for content and everyday products and services. At R6 Digital™, we're constantly making changes to client websites to take advantage of new search outcomes. John Giannandrea, the man responsible for Google’s AI team, is spearheading the change...

Blogs for websites: do they work? | R6 Web Design

Do blogs work for websites?

Do blogs for websites work? It’s a question often asked of us at R6 Digital™ and the answer is different each time! The reality is that blogs for websites serve a number of specific functions. They educate. Blog stories can be educational, informative, and deliver real...