Everyone is trying to work out whether they should move their ad spend somewhere else or whether to advertise at all during the global COVID – 19 breakout.

There is an old saying “A mans gotta eat” and for most brands, business has to go on. We may have some freedoms reduced, but Amazon and others are overloaded with deliveries.

Commerce is still a thing and we want you to have your share. Time to adapt!

How do our businesses thrive in these uncertain times?

The number one task is to keep up to date, understand that consumer and customer purchasing trends are changing. Customers are at home; they are a captive audience. 

If you advertise using billboards, or outdoor advertising hoardings, use cinema advertising, sponsor the local footy club with banners or sponsor sporting events, exposure for your brand would be zero at this time. It would be time to redirect marketing spend elsewhere. 

Some of these Ad arrangements could be hard to unwind, but outdoor digital signage can be changed or deferred generally in consultation with your supplier. 

 How we are consuming media is changing during the current crisis and recent research shows:

29% reading more press

28% Streaming more music

24% playing more games

22% listing to more radio and live streaming

11% reading more newspapers 

70% are wanting more entertainment. 

Targeting demographics online can reap rich rewards for businesses that have a product/service to sell while in isolation, especially for online stores. 

Our R6 Digital Takeaway strategy

    1. Define your target market and the demographics that belong to them. As an example Gen Z are consuming much more online video content, consider some Youtube advertising, or even create your own Youtube videos
    2. Be careful how you promote. Don’t attempt to make cheesy ads like “COVID -19 specials on solar heating” .Creating a link between your product and the virus might backfire. Many ad exchanges are also banning references directly to COVID 19.
    3. Realign your ad spend. Double down and micro target customers. Check all keywords and check where your current customers are coming from and target more of them.
    4. Focus on your location and your customers. When people venture out to buy, they are not going too far, so hypertarget potential customers.
    5. Use Socials to educate and direct. If your brand has less than 5,000 followers use social advertising rather than social posting to promote your website and product offering. No followers means no response on socials.

Let R6 Digital help with rebuilding your performance marketing profile. We can create and manage:

  1. Hypertargeted Google Ads
  2. social media Ad campaigns
  3. Youtube advertising
  4. Websites and online stores
  5. Custom development, including Apps
  6. Brand repositioning