With over 30 Social Media platforms to choose from, a new trend in “Instant Media” has emerged, delivering news and information where traditional media models cannot compete.

Twitter is a good example. Used by many to communicate news fast, Twitter breaks a story well and truly before any news service can do so on traditional media channels. The fact that program is on air means it’s rarely interrupted by breaking news.

More often than not “Breaking news on the TV or radio has already been fleshed out and commented on by thousands. Everyone these days is a live reporter.

And that’s why we need to create a distinction of how news is transmitted. “Instant Media” or (IM) is in my view the new term for the ability for news and information that is not “social” by its nature.

A clear distinction has evolved with even major news outlets using IM to find out what is really happening in the world. IM has surpassed even the fastest news agency with its ability to tell the world fast.

A good example of this has been the Social Media coverage of one of Australia’s largest motorsports events held last weekend at Coffs Harbour.  Kennards Hire Rally Australia hosted the last round of the World Rally Championship with the power stage being the last stage.

Bonus points were awarded for the highest placings, and Eric Camilli, driving his M-Sport Fiesta RS clipped a rock and rolled the car over.

Eric Camilli - Kennards Hire Rally Au

5 Seconds later, Rally Australia’s Instant Media team (www.r6digital.com.au) posted it on the Rally’s Social Media platforms, and with over 150,000 worldwide followers, they heard it there first.

Instant Media is now a legitimate form of news dissemination and organisations worldwide and businesses must rethink their media strategies to accommodate IM as a functional tool to deliver fast targeted news and information. Major sports must make immediate changes to their coverage and media systems.

Importantly, unlike traditional media models, IM also provides rich feedback that can help style further messaging.

Kennards Hire Rally Australia’s Social Media (Now called IM) delivered reach to over 2.4 million people with an engaging worldwide audience. The event is considered now to be the leader in engagement on these new information platforms.

With clever targeting IM can not only deliver news but strong, targeted sales messages.

Instant Media is not easy to produce well. Don’t for one-minute think that you post away and all will be good, it takes a well thought out strategy to succeed.

Engaging content, well produced by knowledgeable producers is the key. They must have access to and experience with the subject matter, and diversity and production values are still paramount.

Social Media platforms as we know them today are rapidly evolving. They are our most valuable marketing tool to deliver highly targeted messages.

We see that a business tool will emerge to carry this information, splitting IM and SM into targeted channel delivery.

Ensure that Instant Media is part of your news and marketing mix to promote your business. Results are measurable and affordable. Contact our team at www.r6digital.com.au and we will show you how Instant Media can deliver your message.