I have to confess, I did not know what to expect from my first attendance to Search Summit 2016, an industry Summit for those of us who build websites for a living and who have SEO/SEM customers.

We have been creating websites since the start of the Internet. It was almost a simpler time – Google and other search engines were in their infancy and websites were simple, a few pages broadly similar to a Yellow Pages advert and bazinga! You had a website.

Over the years, website creation has become more complicated and making a website work today is not a simple task at all.
With downloadable templates and do it yourself DYI options plastered all over the internet, one could be forgiven to think that it’s pretty easy to build a website.

With some tools it actually is. But that’s where the easy bit ends. With over billions of website, just how do you make your website noticeable?

Search Summit 2016 gathered some of the world’s leading experts together to share their insight into how they use best practices to help their clients websites to perform. Some of these experts were world leaders: responsible for billions of dollars of Advertisement revenue on the Web. What could our team at R6 Web Digital™ learn from them? A lot.

Insight Gained from Search Summit 2016

Much of the insight gained validated the existing work undertaken by our Web Designers, programmers and marketing staff at R6 Web Digital™. So we are going to share our top 10 clues on how your website can work better.

  1. Content is King – Over 80% of people us the web for research, content that matches what your customers are researching is vitally important.
  2. Use Social Media to drive more traffic to your website. Facebook alone has over 1.65 billion users, people like you and me and your kids and your family…. Don’t ignore this lucrative marketplace.
  3. Above the Fold – It’s an old newspaper term, but the content above the bottom of any user’s screen is CBD premium space! Ensure your message is above the fold.
  4. Don’t use video that auto plays on your home page – When you do get a website hit, a user may be in a quiet place, you don’t need your high impact video playing full tilt embarrassing them.
  5. Your baby is Ugly. No one wants to hear this, but most websites are just plain ugly, it turns off potential customers. Fast. Ask for help!
  6. It’s not about you – ‘This is what I want on the front page” is one of the lost common things web developers hear from customers. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what your customers want. Alternatively, build your own “My Favourite things on the web” site for your own ideas.
  7. Develop pages to serve each part of the buyer journey. There are researchers, comparers and buyers. Serve them all with content.
  8. Update all the time. Have your website regularly checked for bad links and updated plug ins, keeping up to date prevents hacking.
  9. Machine learning will change the Internet. See our separate story but tiny pieces of code will do mundane tasks, but your website needs to be ready.
  10. Use Professional Help. No normal businessperson has the time to keep up with all of these changes. Concentrate on your business and leave the geeky SEO/SEM stuff to us.

The way we search for information on the Web is changing and Search Summit 2016 highlighted one thing for us.

If you think that you are on top of the latest trends, think again!

We look forward to the Search Summit 2017. One thing is for sure, we won’t be going over any old stuff!