What is organic CTR and should you care about it?

In-short organic CTR (click-through rate) is the ratio of users that click your organic listing after making a search in Google. For example, if you had 7 clicks and 100 impressions then your CTR would be 7%.

If you already have a top position in the SERPs, that’s great! But being at the top of the rankings doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more visitors to your site. What really matters is CTR.

Although many people believe that having a good CTR will boost your rankings, it’s been a topic of much debate over the years and we’re yet to find a set-in-stone yes or no answer.

So why would you to increase your organic CTR if it might not boost your rankings? Well the answer to this is simple… It’s always a smart idea to ensure your pages get as many organic clicks as possible. It means more people are visiting your site and it sends very important signals to Google letting them know your page is relevant and awesome!

If this is something you are interested in (be honest, I know you’re interested), this article contains 4 rock-solid ways to increase your organic CTR.

1 – SEO titles and meta descriptions

Having a super relevant and well structured SEO title / meta description is a sure-fire way boosting your CTR, fortunately it’s also one of the easier changes you can make. Remember, it needs to enticing and still follow Google’s “best practice”.

There are many different ways you can structure your title / description, lucky for you there are plenty awesome plugins or tools you can utilise to make this process foolproof, one of my personal favorites being Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO can do many things, one of which is live snippet previews that will grade your title and descriptions as you write them.

2 – Get star ratings in your listing

Getting a star rating in your listing is easier said than done, however the improvement in your CTR as a result will noticeable to say the least.

The easiest way to visualise this is to imagine you are shopping online and you find two of the same products, both the same price from two different sellers. One of these products has no reviews, the other has hundreds of 5 star reviews, the choice is simple right?… This is the same way reviews work in your listing, users will know your content is good and trustworthy before they even click.

Expert digital marketer and teacher Ian Brodie put together an excellent article on how to get star ratings for your site in the Google search results.

3 – Get your listing to the top of the SERPs

The correlation between organic click-through rate and page position is no secret, the higher your position, the more people will click on your listing.

Not only does being at the top of the SERPs increase your CTR, your increased CTR will also help boost your rankings. Whilst that may be hard to wrap your head around and some SEOs deny this, it’s difficult to disagree with the data.

Unfortunately, getting to the top isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can throw as much money at it is as you can, if you don’t have the core fundamentals down, you’ll never achieve a good position (unless you have zero competition).

Month on month breakdowns can be a great way to tell if your higher position in the SERPs has resulted in increased website traffic. If the search volume hasn’t changed but your visits have, you are onto a winner.

4 – Increase your website speed (mobile and desktop)

Remember, a click doesn’t count if your page can’t load in time.

Not only will the bouncing users decrease your CTR, site speed is also a critical ranking factor for both mobile and desktop.

A study conducted by Google revealed the following statistics:

Having a good CTR is almost pointless if you don’t have the site speed to back it up.

There are thousands of page speed tests you can use that will not only provide the load time, but give feedback as to how you can optimise it as much as possible. My personal favourites being GTmetrix  for desktop and Google Test My Site for mobile.

Key Summary

At the end of the day, the traffic for your search keywords will stay out of your control, but it’s up to you to maximise on the traffic that is there and increase your organic CTR as much as possible.

For some this is an easy feat, but for others using an experienced digital marketing agency (like R6 Digital) can make life much easier.