Social Media trends are changing and at R6 Digital we help brands dominate their market. To gain market dominance you need to keep on top of the trends on social media.

In our region social media users spend an average of 2 hours 13 minutes a day using social media platforms. Interestingly, to dominate your market, understanding the demographic that your product or services are targeted to will accelerate your path to market dominance. 

In 2014, globally people spent an average of 1 hour and 41 minutes on socials, today that is two hours 15 minutes. 

Baby boomers, Gen X millennials and Gen Z all have different usage patterns for socials and targeting core demographics delivers the best bank for your marketing buck. Often, we see a “scattergun” approach to social marketing, with ad spends wasted for little return. 

Only fish where you have a chance to catch something” is something most know, but for many they market on socials and assume it’s a level playing field. Most get bad results and poor ROI. 

With over 2 billion active Facebook users, it’s easy for your message to be lost or importantly not seen by anyone who can engage and buy from you if you don’t use demographic targeting. 

In 2018 we saw a 16% decrease in usage of social for those who use the medium because “my friends are on there”. 

We saw a 7% increase in users searching or doing product research to buy a product.

Baby boomers are least likely to use socials to research or buy products and Generation Z outrank them by 100% here. They will use search engines on the web to research and to buy. 

Generation Z and Millennials use social media more to research and buy than the other two key demographics.

The core R6 Digital takeouts

  1. If you have a young or are targeting the younger demographic, use crafted social sports and ads to attract business, most of your target market is buried deep in their social feeds. 
  2. Influencers on socials will deliver more business to younger demographics. 
  3. Baby boomers are least likely to use social media to do product research
  4. Brand iteration is stronger via social media with Gen Z and millennials. 

We put these stats down to experience. Baby boomers grew up with the Internet and they evolved with websites. Social media is relatively new and it’s evident by search engine demographics that Generation Z doesn’t use the internet, they use social media. 

At R6 Digital, we can help you dominate your brand. Let us show you how and our award winning team of graphic designers, web developers, social media engineers will get to work on your brand today. 

Just tell us how old your customers are. 

** Info source globalwebindex