Google Testing Green Ad Boxes

The team at R6 Digital™ have noticed that Google has been testing Green Ad boxes. These are the little square boxes with the word “Ad” in them, and you can see them next to your PPC advertising.

Google claim that this is a test across 5% of all searches to find new ways to clarify and find new ways to display Google Ads.

We believe differently. We see these Ad changes to integrate paid Google advertising into organic search. You would have to very naïve to suggest otherwise. The current Yellow Ad box stands out like the proverbial – and Google’s claim that “Studies have shown that the human eye picks up on green more than any other colour, so perhaps using it to label ads will help users distinguish between organic and sponsored listings. Really?

This test is only part of a continual change by the Search engine giant. Earlier in the year, Google deleted paid advertising on the right had side of the desktop, reducing the screen real estate for paid ads, which has effectively increased the cost of paid advertising.

What does this mean for Self Storage operators? In our view there is little choice for operators but to participate in Google’s paid search program.
David J. Mostert, R6 Digital’s™ Marketing Manager said “…given that over 95% of all searches are on Google, and with Google making more and more changes to paid search, the time is coming where an organic listing may drop off the front page completely.”

Every day we work for our Self Storage clients to get them good quality leads from paid and organic search, but make no mistake, it does cost to get this to work and your offer must be good for you to convert those leads.

There is a market expectation that businesses who advertise using paid searches are promoting the best deals. This is often not the case, and when the offer you put forward is not competitive, you could expect to be disappointed with the results.

We often see poorly targeted paid search advertising. Why would anyone have a Google AdWords campaign like “storage under the Opera House in Sydney”? Try searching that phrase and you will see the ads.

Google AdWords can and do work if they are targeted for your market, and moreover, if you tailor a campaign targeting your market, you can easily measure your return on investment.

It’s sad to say that many Storage businesses pay good money for Google AdWords, only to disappointed with the results. It is here where professional help is needed, and R6 Digital™ have Search Engine Marketing specialists that can create a plan for you and target people who are ready to rent in your market.
Poorly targeted ad impression, even if not clicked on, distort the real market numbers and lead to poor marketing decisions.

We are not so sure about the need for Storage under the Opera House! Need help with your Google Adword Campaign? Contact US