Grow your business with Google AdWords

Is Google AdWords worth it? This is a question we see flood Google everyday. It seems everyone has heard of AdWords, however the idea of ‘paying’ for business leads weighs on people’s minds making them wonder if the investment is worth it? The answer is a big YES! Google is the largest platform for consumer search so it makes sense that having a website that tops the search positions will bring in more leads for your business, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are five reasons why you should be running Google AdWords in Brisbane for your business.

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1. Quickly outrank your competitors

If your business has big competitors that outrank your website in Google, it can be a difficult and lengthy process to outrank them organically. Google AdWords offers a quick alternative to this, allowing you to create, and push your ads live in a matter of hours. You can set your ads cost per click bids manually, meaning you can choose what position you want your ad to sit in, whether this is sitting in the top position in Google, or in a lower ad position above one key competitor in particular.

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2. More leads

If you already outrank your competitors organically and think ‘that’s it, I can’t get anymore leads,’ then think again! You may be stealing as much organic traffic as you can with a first position ranking, but what about all the paid ads above you? With 65% of all clicks going to paid ad positions in Google, regardless of a great organic position, that is still a lot of traffic and leads your website is missing out on. On average, pay per click web traffic converts 50% better than organic search traffic, making AdWords a definite worthwhile investment.

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3. You set the price

One of the best things about AdWords is that it’s as cheap or expensive as you make it. When choosing your target keywords, AdWords displays the monthly search volume predicted for that term and the estimated cost per clicks for top position bids, top of page bids and first page bids, giving you an insight into how expensive different keywords are and whether they are worth targeting judging by their monthly search volume.

You can also set you daily spend limit, preventing your ads from showing and spending once that threshold is reached, ensuring no extra hidden costs. On average, businesses make $2 for everyday $1 they spend on Google AdWords, making the costs worth it.

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4. Re-marketing

One of the biggest benefits of Google AdWords is the option for re-marketing. Re-marketing allows you to create ads that target people who have already shown interest in your product by visiting your website. By creating a specialised re-marketing, you can can target every stage of the buying cycle, offering special deals and promotions to push indecisive customers over the edge and into signing up for your product.

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5. Refined targeting

If you’re paying for advertising then you want it to result in real leads for your business. Traditional advertising avenues such as billboards or flyer drops can be a gamble. You might think people in that area will be interested in your product, but how can you tell? How many of them are interested in or actually looking for your product already?

Unlike this form of advertising, Google AdWords collects data, presenting you with the information necessary to create highly refined targeting. AdWords shows you the exact location your leads came from, the age and gender of the enquirers and what days and time of day results in maximum conversions. This information lets you create a highly refined targeted audience and location, ensuring your money is being spent on areas that will result in maximum conversions across the board. Your money will not be wasted on people who are not interested in your product.

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These are only some of the many benefits of running Google AdWords in Brisbane for your business. However, running AdWords yourself with no prior experience can be tricky. Using an experienced Brisbane AdWords company (like R6 Digital) can make life much easier.