Best Free Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business

With over 426,000 small businesses in Queensland, making up for 97% of all businesses in the Sunshine State, competition can be tough. Standing out from your competitors can be difficult, particularly if your business is unable to cover the cost of much needed digital advertising. Luckily, if you’ve taken on the challenge of marketing your business yourself, there are plenty of free digital marketing tools on the internet at your disposal. The only bad side to so many resources being available, is how do you know which ones work and which don’t? To help you out, we have compiled a list of 12 of the best free marketing tools to help grow your business.

Visual Content

1. Canva

With it’s clear layout, easy drag and drop functionality and a never ending data base of images, templates and graphics at your disposal, Canva is a must have free digital marketing tool for those who do not excell at graphic design. Whether you need a social media graphic, a logo, a corporate report, book cover, letterhead, poster, presentation, or even coupon design, Canva has absolutely everything you need to create a professional visual graphic for your business.


2. Adobe Spark

Similar to Canva, Adobe Spark is another fantastic platform for creating visual graphics for your business. What sets Adobe Spark apart however, is the ability to create and design full website pages as well as graphics, which is a fantastic solution for those who have taken on the task to self-build their own website. Using Adobe Spark you can also scale your designs for mobile and tablet devives, creating unique and mobile responsive web pages that creates a multi platform, user friendly website.

adobe spark

3. Unsplash

Although not really a digital marketing tool, Unsplash is definitely worth a mention as it is an extremely helpful website that can assist with other avenues of marketing. Unsplash has a data base of thousands of free to use, professional images that can be used both on and offline for promotional purposes. You might think you can just grab any image from Google, however this can risk breaching strict copyright laws that could put your business in turmoil. With websites such as Unsplash, you eliminate this risk completely.

summer images

4. Inkscape

If you’re looking for a more hands on, free graphic design platfrom that allows for more creative freedom, try Inkscape. Unlike the other design platforms we have talked about so far, Inkscape allows you to actually scetch and draw using the software meaning you can create your own logos and graphics rather than simple editing existing ones that are available online. Using Inkscape you can bring your designs and scribbles to life, creating professional grade self-made logos and and designs that you can use for your business. Although this platform is free to use it’s tailored towards those that have some graphic design understanding or basic ability. Luckily, if you are new to the design secene Inkscape has free learning resources on their website to step you through the process.

Inkscape design tool

5. Poster My Wall

Another service, Poster My Wall, can help make your small business look big with eye-catching promotions. Create flyers, videos or social media graphics in minutes. Poster My Wall is the perfect place to start for printing and sharing online!

Poster My Wall

Keyword Research Tools

1. Answer the public

If you’re writing content for your website to assist with SEO, your content should contain relevant keywords and topics that yield high search volumes in major search engines. But how can you tell what terms are frequently searched for in Google? Answer The Public is a handy digital marketing tool that gives you an insight into popular Google and Bing searches that contain your keywords. This tool, although quite basic, is fantastic for coming up with highly relevant, keyword rich, blog and web page content, giving your content a much higher chance of ranking in major search engines.

answer the public

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the more advanced keyword research tools for your business. Rather than just isolating general topics regarding your keywords, this digital marketing tool also provides you with new keyword suggestions highlighting new opportunities for your digital marketing efforts. Unlike a lot of other platforms, Ubersuggest also displays useful information about these keywords, such a monthly search volume, industry trends, expected keyword cost per clicks for paid advertising, and how difficult it will be to rank for those terms. This useful tool also allows for competitor analysis, showing you what keywords your competitors are targeting.


Promotion and Management Tools

1. Mailchimp

It’s no coincidence that Mailchimp is one of the most widely used email marketing tools around the world. The platform offers countless email templates making it easy to create professional looking EDMs. The ability to create custom segmented mailing lists is one of the most attractive features of this EDM platform, allowing you to pick and choose which customers to send your marketing email or newsletter too. Mailchimp also offers a new feature, allowing its users to create custom landing pages for their EDMs, increasing conversion potential.

mailchimp edm

2. Facebook Business Page

Using Facebook as a promotional platform for your business may seem obvious, however, it’s worth mentioning as a lot of people don’t use this platform to its full potential. With 2.7 billion Facebook users out there, correct use of this platform can skyrocket your business. Setting up a Facebook business account is free, so it’s also a cost effective promotional tool. You can use Facebook for pretty much everything. It allows you to post images and updates about your business, allows customers to send you messages 24 hours a day to enquire about products, allows you to build a shop inside your Facebook page and lets people leave positive reviews about your business which social proofs your business and increases the chance of obtaining business leads. 

For the more tech-savvy self marketers out there, you can boost your posts and promotions, or create a pay per click Facebook campaign, targeted to a highly specific and refined audience, promoting your products to people who you know are actively searching for and interested in your products.

facebook business

Analytics and Insights

1. Co Schedule

When running any kind of social advertising campaign, data and insights are critical to the overall outcome of your campaign. How can you make optimisations and effective campaign modifications if you can’t see what is and isn’t working? Co Schedule is an analytics program that breaks down your social media campaigns reach and performance, giving you actionable insights so you can make campaign modifications to drive more leads.  

digital marketing tools

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used and renowned analytical properties from across the globe. Using a unique tracking code that’s embedded in your website, Google Analytics provides you with real time insights about your website. You can see exactly how many users your site has, how many bounce off your site, where they are located, how many of them take an action on your page, which are your most and least used pages and more. 

google analytics

Key Summary

If your business is a small fish in a big pond, when implemented properly, these free digital marketing tools and tactics can push your business above its competition, bringing in more leads than ever.

For some this is an easy feat, but for others using an experienced digital marketing agency (like R6 Digital) can make life much easier.