Frequently asked questions

We don’t have all the answers because we don’t know what all the questions. Feel free to send us a question and we will add it to our FAQs page.

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I have a website but I can't find it on Google how come?

There are many reasons why website cannot be found on Google that primarily it could be technical but more often it’s because of lack of content.  Google strives to match the content that people search for with the websites that deliver that information. If your website’s not up to date or pages have not been optimised for Google rankings, then the site will not be found by Google. With over 45 billion pages on the Internet, customers need to be able to find your website by searching.  Google penalise websites that are not optimised to be found on Google Rankings.

How do I compete against my competition when they are on the first page of Google?

Google AdWords is an ideal way of getting your sales message on the front page of Google searches. Search advertising is not cheap but it is effective in delivering targeted messages directly to searches is entered by customers.  Ask us about a Google Adwords campaign that will get you on the front page of Google searches.

How often do I have to change my website?

The Internet is constantly changing and so other devices that display websites so it is important to keep up to date with the way your website not only looks but the way which it operates on the web. Customers regular change the way which they search for items on the Internet or services and it’s important the guild website stays up to date with the latest searching technology and also the latest display technology.  Your website must be visible on mobile devices and tablets as well as desktop PCs.

I've got a friend with a camera; should I use those pictures on my website?

Unless your friend is a professional photographer probably not. Screen resolution and clarity of photographs is essential to deliver the proper image for your website and also to present your business in the best possible way. AIPP Accredited professional photographers deliver the correct size and correct resolution images for websites delivering a professional message for you.

Will Facebook work for my business?

It really depends what kind of business you are and whether people are interested in your products or not overall Facebook is a social media platform how many businesses do well from advertising on Facebook.  Sponsored advertisements can be targeted to specialist groups and interested people for your type of products.  Ask us how Facebook can work for your business.

Why do I have to update my website regularly?

Websites are organic: they are a bit like the grass at the front of your house and if you don’t water, it won’t grow.  Websites are not like static advertisements in magazines and newspapers; websites are a moving targets for search engines and customers alike. Regular news stories often trigger the interest of a specific set of search criteria and it is regular news stories or blogs that often deliver a website search to your website.  Websites need to be regularly updated as part of the Google algorithm detects whether your website is up to date or not and can de rank websites if they have old content.

Do I really have to keep spending on my website?

Only if you wanted to work and to deliver business constantly.  Websites are not like advertisements in phone books or magazines on newspapers.  Static advertisements have a shelf life and once paid for quickly end up as last week’s fish and chips wrappers. That only happens to static websites.

Websites regularly updated with fresh content are recognised by Google and these are the ones that rank on the front page.  These sites are rewarded with front of mind position when it comes to searching for specific terms.

Why do I have to pay for hosting each year?

Your website is a bunch of files that has to be loaded on a computer that has high speed Internet access.  Your website has a unique address and it needs to be able to be found on the Internet when people search for your name or enter a search term into a search engine.

Websites are typically hosted on large servers and in our case with failover backups so that if something happens to the server or your website is damaged we can restore it with little interruption to service.  All hosting services charge for websites to be hosted on particular servers and this is an ongoing cost for anyone who has a website globally.  We use high-quality servers with 99.9%  uptime.

How long does it take to get a website built?

It really depends on the scope of the work but generally somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks is a common time for a website to be designed and built.  Over that time, we have to create graphics, design pages, have content written, have those pages built and tested and then we have to optimise entire website.