The rise of the Internet has seen digital marketing techniques become more and more important. But the digital marketing landscape has become vast and difficult to navigate for those seeking to create their first digital marketing campaign. There are several elements to creating a successful digital marketing campaign, and these are explained below.


Having a professional website is essential for a business’ success in this day and age. Your website needs to highlight the services and features your business offers, as well as display all your important information, such as your opening hours, address, and contact details. A website can also form the basis for the other aspects of your digital marketing campaign. For example, you can publish content on your website, and your paid advertising and social media accounts need to link back to your website. Without an effective and modern website that creates a great user experience, your digital marketing campaign won’t be successful.

Paid Advertising

Just like in the traditional media, advertising plays a large part in marketing campaigns. In the digital space, the majority of your paid advertising will probably come from Google AdWords. There are equivalent programs for other search engines; however, if you’re just starting out, sticking with Google AdWords will make your life easier. Your Google AdWords campaign will put your ads in front of consumers who are already searching for keywords relevant to your business. These consumers are more likely to make a purchase or elicit your services.

Advertising through search engines isn’t the only aspect of paid advertising in digital marketing campaigns. You can also create ads through your social media accounts. Depending on your business, one type of paid advertising will probably be more beneficial than the other, but this depends on your unique selling points.

Search Engine Optimisation

There’s no point having a great website if no one can find it online. You need to optimise your content for search engines to get it to rank higher. There’s generally no cost to SEO; however, it does take a lot of time. The payoff of getting your website to rank organically and within the top results for relevant keywords is immense. As a part of your digital marketing campaign, you need to link your SEO and content marketing efforts. This is explained more below.

Email Marketing

Email marketing sends information about your products and/or services directly to consumers who’ve already shown an interest in your business. This should be an important part of any digital marketing campaign; it promotes your brand to a highly relevant audience. It also creates an opportunity for your business to use personalised deals and offers to attract returning or new customers.

Social Media

Just like having a website, having social media accounts for your business has become essential. Consumers often search for businesses on their favourite social media accounts. They’re looking to find important information like opening hours, or whether you’re still open during a significant weather event or public holiday. Social media accounts allow businesses to engage with their customers and be transparent, something that consumers rank very highly.

There are plenty of social media accounts available, but your business doesn’t need to include all of them in your digital marketing campaign. Pick the social media platform the majority of your customers or your target customers are using and start with that. It’s better to use one platform effectively than have a profile on every platform but not use it.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating and publishing content that answers the questions your customers have, responds to their queries, and promotes your brand, product, and services. Your content marketing strategy should include keywords so consumers who were previously unaware of your brand can find your website as a solution to a problem or need they have. This is why your content marketing strategy needs to link with your SEO strategy; your content needs to be optimised in order to rank as highly as possible.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

You should include all of these elements in your digital marketing campaign. You might not use every element at the exact same time, but excluding certain elements completely isn’t a good idea. Each element brings different benefits and targets slightly different people, making them all essential. If you’re feeling a little too overwhelmed by everything you need to include in your digital marketing campaign, the team at R6 Digital can do it all for you! Check out some of the previous digital marketing work we’ve done, or contact us for a quote specific to your digital marketing needs.