We all know having a website is essential for success in the digital age; however, it’s not as simple as creating a single web page in a rush and expecting your profits to rise. Websites need to be modern, well-designed, and create a positive experience for the user. With so much brand competition, it’s important your website is effectively designed to stand out. If you’re looking for someone to create your brand an effective website design in Loganholme, the team at R6 Digital can help. Here are some of the most important elements to an effective website design.

Clear purpose and clear communication

Each page on an effective website needs to have a clear purpose. Is this an informative page designed to answer question? Is this a page for making purchases? The purpose of the page needs to be obvious to the user, and any pages that don’t serve a purpose need to be redesigned or removed.

Clear communication is also essential for creating a good user experience. The content on your website needs to be written in a way that’s easy for your users to understand. If your communication isn’t clear, why should they pay for your products or services?

Colours and images

There’s nothing worse than a poorly designed website using colours that don’t blend together. A well thought out colour palette can go a long way when it comes to creating an effective website design. Utilise white space, and use bright colours sparingly as impacts and pops of colour rather than the main event.

The images you choose to display on your website need to be professional, well-aligned with your branding, and relevant to your content. Taking your own photos or hiring a photographer to do a shoot for you is great, but you can also purchase stock images online. However you source your images, make sure you cite them properly and are using them within the license parameters.

Website speed and mobile friendly

Users won’t wait more than a few seconds for a website to load before they click away. If your website isn’t loading as quickly as possible, you need to put in some work to ensure it’s still effective. Optimising your images is a simple way you can increase your load speed without much work.

In the past, the desktop version of a website has been used to determine Google search rankings. Soon, Google will start using mobile websites to determine this instead. Because of this, an effective website design needs to share the same content across both versions, and the website needs to be built with a responsive layout. This means it will adjust well across different screen widths.

Use R6 Digital to create an effective website design

All of these elements can seem a little overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on creating an effective website design. R6 Digital has been creating effective websites for a long time, and know exactly how to capture the vision you have and merge that with your customer needs. View our latest work to see some of the other websites the team has created, or contact us toady for a quote!