We all want to save money and we all see those pop up Ads to “Create your own website”. They are appealing – how hard can it be?

At R6 Web Digital™ we have set out 6 reasons why we don’t think DIY websites are good for your business.

1. DIY websites assume you have some computer skills. OK, you may be pretty good clicking around the screen, but do you know how to upload content and can you format it so search engines can read it? Oh, is that needed?

2. Are your images professional? DIY websites often have a size limit and cannot be edited or ALT tagged. Oh, what’s that? We won’t even mention that they need to be optimised. Too much detail….www.r6digital.com.au

3. Is the content you are uploading professionally written? You might be the next Shakespeare, but more than likely, you just wrote all the content yourself. That’s fine to give as a brief to a writer, but is your content keyword optimised? More questions…

4. You can’t change the style. The idea of a DIY website is so you don’t have to deal with CSS or style sheets, or grids or anything else. That means your site looks like all the others with the same template. You may not care, but your customers may not get your sales message.

5. Page optimisation for SEO may not be possible. Every web page must be optimised for search engines. Many DIY packages do not allow for page adjustments.

6. Specialist integrations may not possible. If you have a special need for API integrations or shopping carts, severe limitations can apply.

These are only a small selection of issues when it comes to DIY websites. There are many more and in our view the idea of a DIY website is like DIY brain surgery. It sounds like a good idea but the details can really affect the outcome!

Realistically, your expectation is to save money and your comparison for money saved will be with a competitors website and you may very well think that if you do your own website, that you will have a cost advantage over them. Only if your website turns out to be more effective than theirs.

We doubt that. more than likely google will not be able to verify your site. It may be part of a bigger network.

Whilst you’re sitting at the computer working out how to compress a file so it can be uploaded, they will be taking orders. DIY websites often rely on Flash technology. Google unfriendly.

There is no doubt that if you are in business then you may have a great product or service to sell. We don’t recommend DIY brain surgery any more than DIY car repairs or DIY legal representation.
At R6 Digital™ we have professionals who work through every aspect of your web site journey, from planning right at the start through to research, UX design, content, design, development, testing, launch day and support.

This is all work you have to undertake if your DIY website is to be as good if not better than your competitor. Chances are that they have a good website and if you want to compete then you need to invest in a website that delivers.

Your website is a reflection on your business and its practices. Look professional and be professional.

You may save a few dollars with a DIY website. When you find it has shortcomings like no calls, no leads and no business, then the cost savings will soon be exposed as a bad business decision.

Good website design, creation and usability is a professional job. Let the pros do it.