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Your ‘brand and identity’ is more than just ‘who you are’ and ‘what you sell’. Your brand is the personality behind your product. This ‘personality’ should be one that reflects your company’s values and vision for the future whilst being able to pack a punch in creating a positive and lasting first impression for your customers.  

Customers look for brands they can trust. This trust is built on brand values that echo their own and facilitate an emotional connection. How you do this becomes part of your identity.

In order to set your brand apart as a leader in a rapidly evolving market R6 Digital incorporates Logo design, Brand strategy and Brand collateral.

What is Brand & Brand Identity?

Your brand and identity encompasses all aspects of the look and feel of your business.

Brand strategy and design to stand out

We specialise in bringing your idea to life

Logo Design

Logo design is a key component in making you unique and recognisable. Your logo should be the visual representation of your company’s mission, values and products on offer through the intentional choice of colour, text and imagery. If your logo is of a high standard, people will think your products are too.

Our Brisbane Design Team at R6 Digital boasts staff who have attended some of the most highly regarded design schools around Australia. Our Design Team carries expertise to partner with you in creating a logo that puts the best face forward for your brand positioning, leaving you unforgettable.

Brand Strategy

Once your logo is marketable, we move on to establishing the best ‘you’. Your brand strategy is the process of defining the personality and culture of your Brisbane brand to prepare your brand for marketing. Determining a fine-tuned brand strategy begins with a brand framework – who you are at the heart of your brand. This helps to create language you want to associate with your brand and your products. It is important to voice what you need and who you want to become as a brand.

From there, our team will enter the evaluation stage where we determine the nature of your market and competitors. We then respond with an action plan based on maximising your strengths and overcoming any of these potential hurdles.

Brand Collateral

Once we have collaborated with you to create and refine your logo and brand strategy, we roll out the launch of your brand across a range of media platforms using marketing strategies specifically honed for your target audience. We will then help to ensure all of your collateral – like business cards and email signatures – match your brand identity.

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Print & Promotional Design

Our design team create unique and innovative print and promotional pieces for your business from brochures to billboards.

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Video Production & Editing

Our team are equipped to provide expert video production, including a full editing service in house by our team of experienced videographers and video editors. With over a decade of experience, you know you’re in good hands.

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