No matter how big or small you want your motorsport event to be, it’s important you create a marketing campaign to promote it. As sporting events, motorsport marketing can be quite complex as you need to manage sponsor requirements, the event’s ticketing, and the needs of your fans. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to motorsport marketing, the team at R6 Digital is here to help.

Set the motorsport marketing goals

Before you start the marketing campaign, you need to make sure you set clear goals and objectives. Without the clear direction campaign goals and objectives provide, your marketing efforts can quickly become useless. Make sure your goals are realistic under the time and financial restraints.

Brainstorm campaign ideas in a group

When it comes to brainstorming your campaign ideas, doing so in a group can be incredibly helpful. Working together with others can help generate a lot more ideas to start off with, and can also help refine the shortlisted ideas and turn them into campaign options. Make sure you create a clear link between the goal and the idea; the clearer the link, the more likely the idea will be successful in achieving the motorsport marketing goal.

Do your research

Research is the driver behind the success of marketing campaigns. The more research you put into the campaign, the better your understanding of the industry, the problem, and the goal is going to be, which can increase the likelihood of a successful campaign.

Your research should include a variety of things. What have you done in the past, and from those past campaigns, what was successful and what wasn’t? Why was this the case? Make sure you research your competitors and what they’re doing as well.

If the motorsport marketing process is still feeling very overwhelming, there’s no need to panic. The team at R6 Digital is very experienced in motorsport marketing campaigns, so contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.