Picking a creative agency for your business can be an overwhelming task. With so many fish in the sea, how do you pick the right agency for your business? What criteria should you be looking at? Does location matter? What is a reasonable amount to pay for the task at hand? How/will this affect my marketing efforts?

It’s critical you cut through the noise and find out certain criteria to ensure that the fit is right. A great way to get started is allowing agencies to pitch for your business, this way you can test the waters and see what creative solutions are brought to the table. By doing this you can refine your shortlist and procure an agency that is best suited to the task, and know that your budget is being spent wisely..

While selecting a creative agency is important, there is some work you will need to do before you start your google search. One of the most important steps is to know the services you want. Do you need assistance with branding/rebranding, a custom website, UI/UX, or marketing collateral designed?

Without knowing exactly what your business needs will not only waste your time, but also your budget. This is why the team at R6 have collated the top 7 criteria you should be considering when selecting a creative agency such as R6 Digital:

Specialty & Niche industry

Does the creative agency you’re considering specialise in a certain area? Have they worked on projects of a similar size, scale and budget? You don’t want to select an agency that specialises in UI/UX when what you need is branding expertise, or hiring an agency that specialises in print when you need digital, or vice versa. However if you need multiple services or cross-platform i.e. website design, marketing collateral and marketing, then it is best to look at agencies that offers full service support. Agencies like R6 Digital offer both full design services from print to digital, as well as offering developing and marketing services.  

Results Driven

At their core, creative agencies should provide visual solutions that yield results – not just create pretty pictures and content. The best agencies combine design & marketing strategies together and think about the problem and solution holistically, to maximise your ROI. When considering an agency make sure that there is a clearly defined objective, process to achieving that goal and metrics to measure the success.

Reviews & Accolades

Do your research and look for reviews across platforms, check the creative agency’s Google my business, Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well. Don’t just fall for their perfectly manicured marketing pitch at the meeting.

Another indicator of success & credibility is industry awards and accolades, for example R6 Digital has won the SSAA Service Member Awards 4 years in a row (image below)

You want to procure an agency that has a proven track record of killing it no matter the category or industry they touch.

Chemistry + Communication – terminology

At this point you would hopefully have started narrowing down the list of creative agencies, we recommend a maximum of three you would like to approach based on the work they’ve done previously. However, a more important factor to consider is rapport. The last thing you want is to hire an agency that just doesn’t understand your business needs.

It’s important that the creative agency you select actually understands your company and the challenges you face, your target audience, your competitors and how to build a solid presence in your industry.

Go with your instinct on this, there is going to be a lot of collaboration between your staff and the creative agency,  Does their style match with yours? Will their personality & working style mean a healthy working relationship or be potentially problematic? Bottom line is, if you don’t get a good feeling about the agency, it is unlikely that you are going to have a good experience.


Hiring a creative agency with experience, combined with industry knowledge, results in faster turnaround which therefore reduces cost, but also means higher quality of work. Experience also means that the business is able to foresee and preempt potential issues, articulate and execute ideas effectively, and understand client pressures & demands.

To help you decide if you should hire an agency ask to see a portfolio of their past work. It will be easier to establish whether or not the agency is a right fit, and if they have experience with a wide scope of businesses, and have been able to produce work that is bespoke and unique every time.


Closer isn’t always better!

When you’re googling away try not to be swayed by location. Just because a creative agency is in your city or within close proximity, doesn’t automatically mean that they should automatically make it to your shortlist.

With today’s digital age, connecting has become more accessible than ever with the multitude of digital platforms available. Conference calls, video calls and live chat has allowed businesses to expand their reach.

So when you are choosing an agency, instead of focusing on location take into consideration all the points above: Credibility, Results Driven, Speciality industry/services provided, experience and price.


When it comes to price, although it is a major factor to consider when you are outsourcing a service, you should not always be led by price. Everyone loves a good bargain, but the age old saying “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to design.

Why? The more time a designer has allocated to your work the better the quality. Imagine this, whatever industry you are in you are certainly able to produce something of higher quality if you spent 24 hours on it, than 1 hour right?

Great design is always worth the extra coin, and believe us when we say that the satisfaction of getting a great deal is short lived once you are left with the bitter after taste of poor design that lingers.

At R6 Digital we’re not a one size fits all type of agency, we believe that there is a solution to every problem, and that every client is unique. Interested in working with us? We would love to hear from you and have a chat on how we can enhance your business.