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Is your business visible with Facebook search? | R6 Web Design

Is your business visible with Facebook search?

If your business has a Facebook listing, it's really important to make sure your business can be found by searching. Recently, Facebook has completed a number of updates improving its search capabilities, and whilst 80% of all searches are still conducted on Google, Facebook searches are increasing every day. The team at R6 Digital™ have assembled a...

Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence | R6 Web Design

How AI is changing the way we search

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the way we search for content and everyday products and services. At R6 Digital™, we're constantly making changes to client websites to take advantage of new search outcomes. John Giannandrea, the man responsible for Google’s AI team, is spearheading the change...

Blogs for websites: do they work? | R6 Web Design

Do blogs work for websites?

Do blogs for websites work? It’s a question often asked of us at R6 Digital™ and the answer is different each time! The reality is that blogs for websites serve a number of specific functions. They educate. Blog stories can be educational, informative, and deliver real...