Remember the Yellow Pages? Well, some of you might! It was the big book thrust under everyone’s door once a year and it was full of businesses and their offerings.

When the Yellow Pages let the Internet, specifically Google, take all their customers away, phone calls to businesses dropped; however, recent research from Google reveals that up to 70% of potential customers may call your business if they find you on their mobile device.

With this new information, what if you could create an engaging call campaign for your business, where consumers see your details as soon as they search? The good news is, you can!

Here are some points to consider when you’re designing an engaging call campaign:

  1. Work out first if a call strategy will work – Check with your SEM partner to determine the value of these call campaign clicks. If they’re expensive (more than $10 a click) then make sure there’s a value proposition if they do call.
  2. Have your SEM partner create engaging ads – Ads must be engaging to drive your call volumes. If you don’t have an SEM partner, the Google certified SEM team at R6 Digital™ can help you create a call campaign that works.
  3. Create a compelling reason to call – Consumers won’t call if there’s no offer. Creating a great offer with limited time availability drives calls.
  4. Measure the calls – How will you know if the campaign is working if you don’t record call volumes? Include the time of day or use phone records to see when call numbers are higher. Track the calls to conversions so the value of your ads can be analysed. If people have used your website for information first, record that call as an online conversion.
  5. Improve performance of these ads – Make sure all numbers on websites, especially mobile sites, can be clicked on to start a call immediately.

Give your potential customers every possible chance to get in touch with you and connect them with a great mobile experience. In addition, let the team at R6 Digital™ set up your AdWords account for success.

Your websites should be optimised to drive phone calls, even if you have a shopping cart or online shopping and purchasing options.

Just a few changes can have a tremendous impact on the number of calls you receive. Budgets are always tight for advertising and conquest business is often just a few more dollars away.

Is your phone ringing yet?