6 Tips For Creating a High Converting Brisbane Google AdWords Landing Page

If you’re racking your brain trying to come up with the reason why your Brisbane Google AdWords campaign is resulting in a lot of clicks but no conversions, there is a strong chance that it has something to do with the quality, relevancy and functionality of your landing page.

When setting up a high performing Google AdWords campaign, a critical component that’s often overlooked, is the landing page itself. Although your campaign may be targeting relevant keywords and contain catchy ad text and irresistible promotions or deals, where does the ad actually take them once clicked? Does it take them to an old, outdated website that doesn’t match the quality or consistency of the ad? Or does it take them to a fully optimised Google AdWords landing page that streamlines the conversion process? If your answer is the former, then here are 6 helpful Brisbane Google AdWords Landing Page Optimisations to bring in more leads.

Step 1: Consistency is key

The first, and easiest landing page optimisation, is to pick an appropriate heading. It’s important to have either a headline or promotion in your ad text that draws people in, convincing them to click on your ad instead of one of your competitors. To maximise leads, your landing page should be relevant to the keyword you are targeting and contain the same information conveyed in your ads, maintaining consistency cross all platforms. If this consistency is not maintained it can reduce the quality score of your landing page preventing yours ads from displaying in high positions, causing people to bounce off your page without enquiring, costing your business money.

Step 2: Keyword Density

Keyword density on your landing plays a critical role in the over all quality score of your ads. When analysing your Brisbane Google AdWords campaign to decipher your quality score, one of the factors Google considers is the quality of your landing page, which mostly relates to your Keyword density. For instance, if you were running an AdWords campaign for a company who rents out boats and your target keyword is ‘boat hire’ your landing page should contain those exact terms; you wouldn’t use terms such as ‘ship’ or ‘catamarans’ etc.

You want to keep the keywords consistent and to maintain a healthy keyword density of between 1-3%. This ensures that Google knows exactly what your landing page is about, sees that it matches your ad text and keywords and is therefore extremely relevant to your searchers, boosting your ads position. If you’re not sure on whether or not your landing page has a healthy keyword density, there are plenty of helpful tools at there that can analyse the content on your website, such as TF-IDF.

Google AdWords Landing Page

Step 3: Visualising the Product

Would you buy a product if you couldn’t see what you were buying? The answer is most likely no. As a landing page is a visual platform it is important to include clear, high resolution images of your products to show people exactly what they are purchasing. Alternatively, if your business doesn’t sell products but offers services such as air conditioning reappears or plumbing etc, then include industry or location specific images to your landing page. The more legitimate your page appears, the more likely people are to enquire.

landing page example

Step 4: Strong Call to Actions

The whole point of a landing page is to convince people to either enquire for your services or purchase your products on offer. A high converting landing page will have several strong call to actions throughout the landing page, designed to provoke an immediate response and prompt people to take what ever action you set. You should remind your customers that they are here not to browse; they are here to make an enquiry. In order to achieve this, your Brisbane Google AdWords landing page should have several strong call to actions sprinkled throughout the page.

calls to action

Step 4: Easy Methods of Contact

Everyone is different and have different preferred methods of contact, so it’s important that your landing page caters to everyone. Some people prefer to send an email and try avoid speaking on the phone as much as possible, where as on the other side of the coin you have people who see emailing as an annoyance and would rather pick up the phone and quickly call for the information they need.

If your landing page only supplied a contact number you could be missing out on up to half the amount of enquiries. If it only supplied a contact form, some people would view it as too much of an effort and drop off your landing page, why it is imperative to have both.

Contact Form

Step 5: Mobile Responsive

With over 7.19 billion people using mobile phones worldwide, 50% percent of all Google searches now come from mobile phones, so if your Brisbane Google AdWords landing page is not mobile responsive, your business is not only just missing out on 50% of the leads it could be achieving, but is wasting money as it is still paying for each ad click before people see the page is unresponsive on their mobile or tablet and bounce off. As far as landing page optimisations go, this one may be the trickiest to implement, but is by far the most critical. 

mobile responsive landing page

Step 6: Social proofing

If you’re using a website or business that you’ve never used before, the chances are you’re initially hesitant and are curious to see what other people have to say about that business. Your customers are no different. Social proofing is an incredibly important aspect of a landing page that we often see ignored.

Adding reviews is an incredibly important landing page optimisation as it reassures people that your product and website are safe to use, convinces hesitant customers to enquire and promotes authority and loyalty. 



All in all, your AdWords landing page can massively affect the quality and quantity of leads coming in to your business. If your current landing page is not converting then follow these AdWords landing page optimisations to get your campaign back on track and bringing in those leads. 

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