Our Team

The team at R6 Digital are here to help

R6 Digital revolutionised the way websites are built, how they integrate with management software, and how they enhance the overall user experience.


Dallas Dogger

There are few people with more knowledge of the Self Storage industry in Australia, and you'll do well to top this former rally driver's knowledge of Australian Motorsport.


Michael Dogger

When Michael Dogger is not inspiring his team to be the best they can be, he is working on how technology can improve the way Self Storage facilities operate, and using this knowledge to enhance our marketing services.


Jake Hart

Jake Hart is a modern day artist; just as happy to work on canvas or in the digital realm, Jake follows in the footsteps of his famous grandfather and dad, delivering quality and visual masterpieces.


Curt Dogger

Curt Dogger is the Account Manager and looks after our web, SEO, and marketing customers. Curt is passionate about helping customers, and his immense knowledge of the Self Storage industry makes him invaluable.

What are our 6 R's?

Always innovating


Constantly innovating our websites don't look like other websites: we are challenged by the latest technology and we deliver that to you. If its new chances are we know about it.

Only a phone call away


Not only do we respond to your input as a customer, but we also ensure that your website is responsive to all methods of us from telephones to tablets to desktops.

We value you


Many of our customers are still with us after 15 years. We build a long term relationships with you and your business. We want to grow together.



We take a responsible approach to developing products for you and also in the development of your website and the services that we provide to you.

We great at what we do


We have been creating innovative websites for 15 years and we are renowned for being innovative and have been award for being innovative.


Ridiculously Good Looking Websites

Even if we say so ourselves we think that the websites we create for clients are ridiculously good looking. We will make you look good!

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