There is probably more than 10 reasons why people don’t like your website, we will focus on the top 10!

Websites are a little bit like fishing – there are thousands of fishermen casting their hooks into the ocean every day, many of them never catch anything. Sometimes they use the wrong bait, sometimes the hook is too big and mostly they are fishing in the wrong spots!
At R6 Digital we work very hard to make sure your website does not fall into the trap so we show below:

1. Old Content – One of the reasons why people don’t use your services or purchase from you via your website is because your content is old and out of date. Customers cannot confirm what your latest offering is an in many cases some don’t even offer an opportunity to buy.

2. Mobile Design – Most searches are now conducted on mobile devices not to stop computers. Is your site responsive? Do you have a mobile version of your website? The impact for not having a mobile responsive website today is a high bounce rate in your searched statistics.

3. Duplicated Content – If your website says the same thing on many pages that in reality are just duplicating content and Google doesn’t like this in the that your customers. Make sure that each page has unique content.

4. Speed of Loading – Not everybody has high-speed Internet so it’s important that your website loads as fast as possible. Large images not optimised for the web, confusing content that may have Flash content will not load quickly. The result: people just leave your website go somewhere else.

5. Poor Images – An emerging area of concern is poor image quality on websites. Crappy stock photographs that everybody else uses, can impact the quality of your website and with the customers do business with you. Low resolution horrible stock images look cheap because they are cheap. If you want to see a good example of top images look at the Apple website. Use a professional photographer to take images for your business you will be rewarded tenfold.

Yuk! These sites do not work!

6. Would I buy from my website?  The real purpose of websites is to direct customers to your business so that you can offer them goods and services. Have a critical third-party look at your website and ask yourself this – would I buy from my own website? Can you even buy anything from your website?

7. Contact Forms – We hate contact forms with a passion. The reason is that most website owners ignore them. Customers take time to fill in a contact form and the business that gets sent to either doesn’t notice that it arrived, ends up in a spam box or is deleted. Customers are left in the lurch and not serviced. Not only do they not use your service they tell everybody else that your contact form doesn’t work!

8. Lack of Content – Websites don’t have to rewrite war and peace but they do need to have enough content so the customers can understand what your product offering is. Detailed information about your products allows customers to do the research that they need so they can make a decision to buy. This is especially important for websites that sell products. Just putting up a list of prices with a shopping cart is not adequate especially if the product is a complicated item. Provide clear explanations and product sheets to help customers.

9. Spelling Errors – Pay attention to spelling errors as customers notice them all the time. You can guarantee that they will not tell you about them.

10. Poor Design – A website that is poorly designed is difficult to navigate it is hard for customers to find the content that they are looking for. Simple is often best and it is also the hardest design to execute correctly. Look at some of the best sites in the will world again we refer you to Apple’s website – simple design clean looks win every time.

There are at least 10 reasons why people don’t like your website. At R6 Web we can help you redesign your website, add professional images or update your existing website. Website specifications and technology constantly change and is important for your business to stay up to